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This A Level Psychology Course is ideal for anyone wishing to gain a knowledge and understanding of this subject or for anyone who wishes to study at a higher level at University and gain UCAS points. You will also find this course extremely valuable if you are looking for a progression route for further training whilst employed.

Please note: A’ Levels are changing over the next few years, click here for more information.

This A’ Level Psychology course forms part of the new linear qualifications. This means that students will sit exams for their particular qualification at the end of the completed course in the June series.

AS levels will become decoupled from A’ Levels; this means that they will both become entirely separate qualifications. You will no longer be able to carry forward your AS qualification to the A’ Level qualification and you will sit either AS or A’ Level exams.

A Level Course

Paper 1, written exam: 2 hours, 96 marks in total, 33.3% of A-level

Paper 2, written exam: 2 hours, 96 marks in total, 33.3% of A-level

Paper 3, written exam: 2 hours, 96 marks in total, 33.3% of A-level

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Mental Health
Anger Management
Clinical Psychology
Counselling Psychology
Behavioural Therapy
Cognitive Psychology
Anger Counselling
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Development Psychology
Mental Health Treatment
Mental Illness
Occupational Psychology
Sport Psychology



This course covers the full AQA A Level Psychology specification meaning you will not require any further study resources.

Subject Content
  1. Social influence
  2. Memory
  3. Attachment
  4. Psychopathology
  5. Approaches in psychology
  6. Biopsychology
  7. Research methods
  8. Issues and debates in psychology

You will also study the following additional topics:

  • Cognition and development
  • Eating behaviour
  • Addiction
A Level
  • Paper 1 will cover content from topics 1-4

  • Paper 2 will cover content from topics 5-7

  • Paper 3 will cover content from topics 1-8 and additional topics

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