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What is it about?
Want to understand your customers better, get ahead of competition and maximise the return on your investments? This course is designed to give your digital business the edge in the market by helping you develop your marketing strategy. It will provide you with the tools and knowledge to identify opportunities in the marketplace, create strategic marketing plans to attract and retain customers profitably, and get the edge over your competitors. You will learn about the role of marketing in your business, how to develop and evaluate your marketing plans and implement them in the most efficient way to maximise ROI.

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What will I learn?
How do marketing strategies fit into my business
How should I go about developing my business’s marketing strategy
Identify who my main customers are and how I should target them through customer segmentation
How can I tailor my marketing plans, including my product, price, place and promotion, to attract and retain quality customers
How to complete break even analysis and understand the product lifecycle
What are the tools and techniques I can use to evaluate how well my marketing activities are doing
How should I adapt my marketing plans and activities as my business grows over time
How can I understand my customers better through the customer buying decision process, whether they are end consumers or other businesses
Identify my key competitors and understand, through competition analysis, how I should work with and against them to move my business forward

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Who is it for?
You have a product or an idea for a product but are unsure how to market it to maximise the opportunity and potential
You run your own business or are part of a team in a small to medium sized enterprise
You want to learn how to create and execute a cutting edge marketing strategy
You're looking to develop a start-up marketing plan

Voraussetzungen: Time Required Approximately 15 hours, including exercises in your own time.


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Marketing Tools
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Campaign
Marketing manager
Marketing plan
Interactive marketing


What’s involved?

The course has four key elements to help you develop and execute a marketing strategy:

  • You will learn the tools and techniques and what’s involved in the development and execution of a marketing plan through videos and case study tasks
  • You will have the opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, working through exercises to apply it to your business
  • You will understand and analyse key decisions made by entrepreneurs that are likely situations you will be faced with as you grow your business
  • You will engage in interactive marketing exercises specifically designed to get you thinking about your own business and help you develop and execute your own marketing plans