Management and Leadership HNC/HND/BA (Hons) Degree

Coventry University
In Scarborough (Grossbritannien)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Scarborough (Grossbritannien)
  • Wann:
    Oktober 2017

Whether you dream of setting up and running your own business or aspire to working your way to the top of a much respected Public Limited Company (PLC), management skills and knowledge are essential. At Coventry University College our management courses focus on contemporary management issues, giving you the opportunity to develop a wealth of general and project management skills to deal with a wide range of business scenarios. From managing people and resources to more strategic managerial skills, our courses are designed to help you progress from an operational level right through to leadership.

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Ashburn Rd, Scarborough, YO11 2JW, North Yorkshire, Grossbritannien
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Operations Management
Decision Making
Project Methodology
Team Motivation
Information Systems
IT Project Management
Communication Skills
Organizational Skills
Project Management
Team Development
Team Performance
People Management
Communication Training
Information Management System
IT Development
IT Management
Skills and Training
Project Methodology
IT Management
Project Methodology
IT Management
Project Methodology



Management and Leadership HNC (year 1)

  • Leadership concepts
  • The organisational environment
  • Information management and decision making
  • Communication skills

Management and Leadership HND (year 2)

  • Operational management
  • Leading and managing people
  • Change and project leadership
  • Finance in management and leadership

Management and Leadership BA (Hons) Degree (year 3)

  • Marketing
  • Organisational development
  • Strategic leadership
  • Business project

On successful completion of the programme you should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • Markets – you will look at the development and operation of markets for resources, goods and services, customer expectations, service and orientation and the wider environment within which business operate. At this level modules will critically engage with the theories and concepts of marketing; including the contribution of marketing at a strategic level to the organisation’s aims and objective;
  • Business policy and strategy – you will examine the development of appropriate policies and strategies within a changing environment, to meet stakeholder interests. At this level management and organisations are viewed in an environmental context rather than as isolated activities in a self-supporting system. Modules will cover the theories related to effective business decisions when managers need to maintain a clear sense of the organisation in its environmental web and the interrelationships and interdependencies with which it operate;
  • Finance – you will explore the sources, uses and management of finance; the use of accounting and other information systems for managerial applications. At this level, modules will focus on the use of financial information as a leadership and management tool for monitoring and managing individual and organisational performance;
  • People – you will look at the management and development of people within organisations. At this level modules will offer a more critical study of management and leadership, with the opportunity for self-reflection and the development of a professional development plan. It will also consider more complex leadership and management issues such as diversity, ethics and change. Modules will also consider the theories related to effective project management. Those who occupy positions of senior management, as well as those who aspire to such positions, require the knowledge and skills to develop and implement strategy and the competence to lead others in this process. The module will provide you with opportunities to develop an understanding of theoretical models, skills and frameworks to underpin strategic leadership practice;
  • Operations – you will study the management of resources and operations. At this level the modules will cover three main topics: the design of the product/service, the control of the product/service and improving how the product/service is delivered. The final module of the programme is an opportunity for you to undertake a project, through which you will implement the theories of resource and operational management they have covered in previous modules;
  • Information management – you will examine the development, management and exploitation of information systems and their impact upon organisations. You will explore communication and information technology and the comprehension and use of relevant communication and information technologies for application in business and management. At this level the modules will develop an understanding of the characteristics of information management and information systems, to provide effective services.

This course will be taught through a variety of methods – lectures, tutorials, self-directed learning, textbooks, module webs, scenario-based learning sets, professional libraries and resources, journals and case studies, seminars, discussion forums and peer-to-peer learning.