Marketing Dynamics: Effective Customer And Client Driven Value, Orientation And Strategy (2)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
In Central London (Grossbritannien)

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If you want to develop techniques and strategies to influence the buyer's behaviour, this course on Marketing Dynamics: Effective Customer And Client Driven Value, Orientation And Strategy will teach you the best way to attract customers.

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This Course is designed for: marketing executives, product designers, relationship managers, customer service managers, client service managers, marketing researchers, sales managers, sales executives, corporate directors, divisional directors, marketing lecturers, marketing consultant, brand managers, life cycle specialists.

Voraussetzungen: Degree or Work Experience


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Decision Making
Campaign Planning
Brand Management
Consumer Behaviour
Buyer Behaviour
Product Development
IT Development
Marketing Analysis
Marketing Campaign
Marketing Network
Marketing Research
New Product Development
Target markets
Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy
Consumer Contracts


Course Contents:

Understanding Consumer and Business Buyer Behaviour

  • Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior
  • Model of Consumer Behavior
  • Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behavior
  • The Buyer Decision Process
  • The Buyer Decision Process for New Products
  • Business Markets and Business Buyer Behavior
  • Business Markets
  • Business Buyer Behavior
  • The Business Buying Process
  • E-Procurement

Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy: Creating Value for Target Customers

  • Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Targeting
  • Differentiation and Positioning

Products, Services, and Brands: Building Customer Value

  • What is a Product?
  • Product and Service Decisions
  • Services Marketing
  • Branding Strategy: Building Strong Brands

Developing New Products and Managing the Product Life Cycle

  • New-Product Development Strategy
  • The New-Product Development Process
  • Managing New-Product Development
  • Product Life-Cycle Strategies
  • Product Decisions and Social Responsibility
  • International Product and Services Marketing

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Marketing Dynamics: Effective Customer And Client Driven Value, Orientation And Strategy (2) - Leading to Diploma-postgradaute, Accumulating to Postgraduate Diploma, Progressing to Ma, Mba, Msc, Incorporating Consumer And Business Buyer Behaviour, Customer Driven Marketing Strategy, Product Life Cycle (london, Uk)