An invaluable grounding of Corporate Finance

The Mechanics of Corporate Finance


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    16 Weeks

This course fills a significant void in the marketplace for an accessible guide to the world of corporate finance that isnít purely designed for ìtheoristsî and is the only academically accredited distance learning corporate finance course delivered exclusively on-line.

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05 April 2017
Distance Learning

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Mergers and Acquisitions
Corporate Finance
Investment Banking
Capital Budgeting
Capital Management
Development Finance
Financial Training
Capital Allowances
Business Finance


Syllabus Modules

Unit 1 - The Foundations of Corporate Finance
Unit 2 - Valuation Issues
Unit 3 - Valuation and Pricing
Unit 4 - Capital Structuring
Unit 5 - Adaptations to Valuation
Unit 6 - Corporate Finance Modelling
Unit 7 - Mergers & Acquisitions Part 1
Unit 8 - Mergers & Acquisitions Part 2

With the flexibility of learning in your own time and environment, you can be part of a broad range of people who will benefit from studying this course. Whether you are new to the world of corporate finance or perhaps you already have experience in some aspects of the sector, but want to expand
your knowledge to give you a much more detailed and holistic understanding of the wider playing field, this course has a lot to offer.