The Mechanics of Credit Risk Analysis


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    14 Weeks

This invaluable course is designed to equip credit professionals with the skills, knowledge and understanding to make effective lending decisions. The on-line distance learning format consists of seven practical modules delivered over 14 weeks. They will enable you to develop a strong theoretical and practical understanding of best practice credit analysis approaches.

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This course is suitable for anyone who wants to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the credit arena. It will prove invaluable to those already working in the credit field who want to expand their knowledge and gain a much more detailed holistic understanding of best practice approaches to credit risk analysis.


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08 März 2017
Distance Learning

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Risk Analysis
Risk Management
Cash Flow
Business model
Credit Risk Management
IT risk
Financial Training


Modules Include:
  1. An Introduction to Credit Risk Analysis
  2. Credit Risk Applicable to Corporates
  3. Financial (Quantitative) Risks
  4. Cash Flow Forecasting and Modelling
  5. Pricing Credit Risk
  6. Collateral and Covenants
  7. Writing a Credit Report

Video Content

Each unit is now complimented by videos from the course director, Andre Lanser, taking you through the components of the course with particular emphasis on complex areas. 

Course Structure

The course takes place over 14 weeks and comprises seven core units. The units will be released every two weeks from the start of the course. Download the units or study completely online. Exercises that will help you further understand course content.