Mezzanine Finance

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This unique course has been carefully designed to help practitioners understand the current trends in mezzanine finance and help them get to grips with the various forms and different applications. It will teach you how the different types of financings are structured, looking at the comparisons between mezzanine finance and pure equity and debt financings.

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24 Mai 2017
6th Floor, 29 Bressenden Place, SW1E 5DR, London, Grossbritannien
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Everything you need to know to maximise opportunities in today's mezzanine finance market. Key areas covered include: ï Understanding the different types of mezzanine finance and the factors influencing their selection ï Assessing mezzanine finance in relation to other financing options ï Estimating and analysing potential corporate debt capacity and the need for mezzanine financing ï Understanding the significance of mezzanine finance in reducing the cost of capital ï Appreciating the importance of understanding key non-financial issues, such as inter-creditor agreements ï Negotiating credit agreements and understanding credit covenants and indemnities Agenda Summary ï The Appropriate Financing Structure ï Trends and Types of Mezzanine Financing ï Determining the Maximum Debt Capacity in a Deal and the Potential for Mezzanine Finance ï The Application of the Mezzanine Product ï Credit Analysis for a Leveraged Finance Transaction ï The Loan Agreement with Banks and Creditors ï Alternative Investment Products Workshops and Case Studies ï Calculating the maximum debt capacity of a company ï Structuring a leveraged finance acquisition and considering the pay back options ï Check list for bank and creditor agreements

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