Negotiating for Sales

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When you are conducting a sale with a customer it is quite probable that there will be an element of negotiation involved. In some selling situations you will be involved in extensive negotiations. At its’ simplest level, negotiation is where you discuss something with a customer in order to reach an agreement e.g. you will negotiate the date when your product will be delivered, the trade in value for a product/service or the price of the product/service that you are selling. There are three essential components to a successful negotiation: 1. Effectively planning the negotiation. 2. Creating the proposals with the customer. 3. Agreeing the outcome of the proposals and the conditions of sale with the customer.

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This module is designed to give you a structured approach for carrying out negotiations. Emphasis is placed on the differences between selling and negotiating. The module has frameworks designed to help with your preparation, putting forward proposals and guidelines on negotiating techniques. Advice is also given on how to conclude the negotiating process, resulting in your customer’s needs being satisfied.

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The Content of this course is Divided into 3 Units Are as Follows- Unit 1: Planning for negotiating -This unit is designed to enable you to thoroughly plan before you enter into negotiations with the customer. A framework is designed which helps you establish your initial negotiation position via an assessment of the customers’ needs. Advice is given on the importance of objective setting and on specifying the boundaries for the principal negotiating factors. Advice is also given on establishing the roles of the individual members of the DMU (decision making unit) and on accessing all the resources needed for the negotiations. Unit 2: Creating proposals with the customer -This unit is designed to help you create a clear understanding of the customers’ position over each proposal. A framework is designed which helps you structure your negotiations, with an emphasis on effective communications, making use of empathy and creating the right relationship with the customer. Guidelines are given on body language, buying signals and negotiating techniques. Unit 3: Agreeing on the outcome of the proposals and conditions of sale -This unit is designed to help you reach a full agreement on the final proposals, with both parties being satisfied with the outcome. An emphasis is placed on making sure the customers’ needs are satisfied by accurately summarising the outcome of each agreed proposal. A framework is designed to help you record and document the conditions of the sale with guidelines on the relevant legal areas.

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