NetBackup 4.5 Advanced


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Nach Abschluss dieser Trainingseinheit Sie in der Lage, NetBackup-Probleme zu erkennen und zu beheben, Backups über die Kommandozeile zu steuern und Performance-Analysen durchzuführen.


Das VERITAS NetBackup Advanced Training richtet sich an Systemadministratoren mit erweiterten NetBackup Kenntnissen.


  • NetBackup Troubleshooting

  • A description of the NetBackup processes, communications and logging and approaches to troubleshooting.

  • Practical exercises to trouble shoot simulated problems Advanced Backup Techniques

  • This module covers the integration of NetBackup with Database Backup Utilities, the use of FlashBackup and Storage Checkpoints and Block Level Incremental Backups.

  • Command Line Interfaces and Scripting

  • A discussion of both the documented and undocumented command line interfaces and their use.

  • Development of familiarity with the command line interfaces through the development and testing of an example script.

  • NetBackup Load Balancing and Performance Tuning

  • The NetBackup configuration parameters and system architectural considerations that may be used to perform load balancing and performance tuning.

  • The bottlenecks that occur in some typical configurations and strategies to avoid or overcome them.

  • NetBackup in High Availability environments

  • HA environment concepts.

  • Backing up HA systems.

  • Configuring HA NetBackup server.

Fundierte NT/2000 Kenntnisse

praktische Erfahrung mit NetBackup

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