NetBackup 6.x Troubleshooting Techniques for Windows

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This course provides instruction on troubleshooting NetBackup 6.x. After completing this course, you will be able to:Upgrade from NetBackup 5.x to NetBackup 6.0 or to NetBackup 6.5. Detect problems using tools, such as the Activity Monitor, reports, NBSupport, the NetBackup Operations Manager (NOM), and notify scripts. Identify the services and processes that run on the master server, media ser..
Gerichtet an: This course is for NetBackup administrators, operators, system engineers, and technical support personnel who want to broaden their NetBackup advanced troubleshooting knowledge and skills on a Windows platform.

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This Veritas NetBackup Troubleshooting Techniques course provides the IT professional with instruction on troubleshooting Veritas NetBackup 6.x software. This course covers general error detection tools and approaches problem-solving using the scientific method.Students study the functions of key NetBackup processes and how to enable, view, and manage the associated logs. In addition, students practice solving problems related to the NetBackup database, devices, media, networking, and performance.

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