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The course is a natural continuation of the previous "The organization of cultural enterprises I" and provides a detailed analysis of the organizational structures already studied. This perspective allows you to better understand how these organizations work and how they deal with external factors, making sure to turn them into something positive and, why not, productive, for the structure.

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The course aims to illustrate the various methods of organization possible within a company.

The educational objectives are therefore:

- Knowledge of the main models of organizational structure;

- The ability to recognize what is the most suitable structure, depending on the context.


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Cultural enterprises


The theoretical overview of the MOOC The organisation of cultural enterprises II will proceed in parallel with the analysis of case studies and practical examples from the contemporary world of cultural heritage.

The course allows you to recognize the different organizational structures and learn how to choose the most suitable depending on the context, and to make the most of available human resources at any given time.