On the phone for receptionists and secretaries 2012

Industrie- und Handelskammer Rhein-Neckar, Weiterbildung
In Mannheim


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  • 8 Lehrstunden

Course aims: Never be afraid of telephoning in English. The course will effectively ensure an active mastery of all relevant conversation patterns for telephone communication.
Gerichtet an: Employees of internationally active companies with basic knowledge in English.

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L 2, 7, 68161, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland



Telephone Communication
  • Initial greeting/Introduction
  • Responding telephone calls
  • Connecting
  • Dates and time indications
  • Expressing apologies
  • Ending a telephone call
  • Modules for standard situations on the telephone
  • Pronunciation training
  • Dealing with "difficult clients"
  • Role-plays supported with a training telephone set
  • Intercultural aspects
Max. 12 Personen