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Planning, Costing and Budgeting for Executive Decision-Making

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute

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With this online course you will be able to learn about planning, costing and budgeting for those who have to make big decisions. This Planning, Costing and Budgeting for Executive Decision-Making course will teach you the basics of this three fields related to executive decisions.

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This course is designed for: managers with direct financial responsibilities; executives who need to evaluate plans for approval and variance reports for corrective action; managers who need to improve their skills in constructing and controlling their budget; supervisors from every discipline and department who have to manage departments and plan, cost, and budget during their business careers; cost and management accountant; financial planners and cost analysts; senior managers who supervise people with financial responsibilities; financial and budget controllers who are moving to wider responsibilities; managers who need to know more about business planning, budgeting, costing terms and techniques; managers who have to plan, cost and budget new business ventures; managers and supervisors from every business discipline and department who have to run departments and plan, cost and budget during their business lives; first appointment managers on fast-track development programmes; managers who require a refresher programme on the topic or who would benefit from having an opportunity to consider new ideas and methods; anyone from non-financial disciplines who needs to evaluate proposed business expenditure decisions; new members of the management team who need to know more about the budgeting process.

Voraussetzungen: Degree or Work Experience


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Decision Making
Financial Planning
Financial Accounting
Accounting MBA
Business Account
Management Accounting
Financial Training
Costing Approaches
Budgeting Controls
Planning Strategies


Course Contents, Concepts and Issues:

The Need for Financial Control in Business

  • Understanding accounting and accounting process
  • Management account versus financial accounting and financial management
  • Cost behaviours in Cost-Volume-Profit scenarios
  • Breakeven technique and targeted net income scenarios
  • Business cases with master budgets
  • Benefit-cost analysis

Capital Costs and Investment Appraisal

  • Understanding the concept of time value of money
  • Estimating cash flows within the business system
  • Understanding Pay Back period, Accounting Return of Return, Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Defining the approval criteria and review process
  • Post-implementation audits of capital projects
  • Sensitivity analysis and uncertainty
  • Monte Carlo simulation techniques in budgeting

Cost Volume Profit Analysis

  • Identifying relevant and irrelevant costs in complex decisions
  • Complex applications of C-V-P analysis
  • Multiple products and services C-V-P
  • Evaluating C-V-P before and after implementation
  • Special sales orders and/or segment analysis
  • Make or buy decisions

Full Costing, Marginal Costing and Activity Based Costing

  • Understanding full and marginal costing, a comparison
  • Understanding cost bahaviour, Direct and indirect costs in budgeting for decision making
  • Role of costs in pricing strategies
  • Overhead analysis and overhead allocation methods and difficulties
  • Performance evaluation and variance analysis of materials, labour, & overhead in manufacturing and services
  • Understanding advanced costing techniques such as Activity Based Costing (ABC) in manufacturing and services

Budget Construction and Control

  • Budgeting as part of planning process and as a communication process
  • Nature and purpose of budgets for planning and control
  • Budgetary control and variance analysis
  • Responsibility centres: cost, profit and investment
  • Segment reporting internally and externally
  • An introduction to Activity based budgeting
  • An introduction to Zero based budgeting