ProCurve Network Management v8.11

Fast Lane GmbH
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ProCurve Network Management v8.11 is designed to prepare network engineers or network professionals to install, configure, and use ProCurve's ProCurve Manager (v2.21) and Identity Driven Manager (v2.2) network management applications.After completing ProCurve Network Management v8.11, students will be able to:Install the server and client components of the ProCurve Manager network manageme..
Gerichtet an: Network engineers and/or network professionals who need to learn about how to use ProCurve management tools to securely manage their devices and network.

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Oranienburger Str. 66, 10117, Berlin, Deutschland
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Gasstraße 4a, 22761, Hamburg, Deutschland
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Oranienburger Str. 66, 10117, Berlin, Deutschland
Beginn auf Anfrage
Gasstraße 4a, 22761, Hamburg, Deutschland


  • Major features of ProCurve Manager (PCM), ProCurve Manager Plus (PCM+), and ProCurve Identity Driven Manager
  • Procedures for installing ProCurve Manager, and ProCurve Identity Driven Manager
  • Overview of the PCM user interface
  • Various device management tools and facilities of PCM
  • How to use PCM to manage software updates for ProCurve network devices
  • Features of the Configuration Manager
  • Features of the VLAN Manager (a component of PCM+)
  • Features of the Policy Manager and Reporting (components of PCM+)
  • Describe the Traffic Monitor (a component of PCM+)
  • Features that provide events and alerts management
  • Describe the Configurable Integration Platform (CIP) that is supported by PCM+
  • ProCurve Identity Driven Manager (an add-on application to PCM+)
  • Primary tasks the administrator performs when configuring ProCurve Identity Driven Manager to provide access control for network users

Benefits of attending the course

  • Participants learn how to install, configure, customize, and utilize ProCurve Manager Plus and Identity Driven Manager
  • Participants experience hands-on training that will help them configure, monitor, manage and support networks in a real-world environment
  • Participants learn how to plan and deploy a network management solution that meets a company''s unique needs
  • Participants learn how to customize ProCurve Manager Plus for multi-vendor networks
  • Participants learn how to integrate ProCurve''s Identity Driven Manager into their network management solution to control access to their network

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