ProCurve Security v7.31

Fast Lane GmbH
In Berlin und Hamburg

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This course is designed to prepare network engineers and network administrators to configure, troubleshoot and implement ProCurve security features used for device management access control, control of user access to the network, and protecting the network from a variety of security breaches.After completing ProCurve Security v7.31, students will be able to:Describe and implement basic manageme..
Gerichtet an: This course is designed for ProCurve Networking channel partner systems engineers, network engineers and network specialists who design and deploy network security solutions. It is also appropriate for ProCurve end user network engineers.

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Oranienburger Str. 66, 10117, Berlin, Deutschland
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Gasstraße 4a, 22761, Hamburg, Deutschland


  • ProCurve Security Overview
  • ProCurve Device Management Security
  • ProCurve Network Protection
  • ProCurve Network Access Control Security
  • ProCurve Troubleshooting
  • ProCurve Network Security Design

Benefits of attending the course
Attendees will be able to sell and perform services which include design, deployment and support of secure ProCurve networks.

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