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This course is composed of 12 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just £399.

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If you are looking to learn the ABC of selling then this is the right course for you. Learn from industry experts how they increased their sales, expanded their customer base and converted leads into actual sales. When you focus your efforts on improving your skills, success will follow.

Learn how to handle objections, learn how to quickly identify a buyer's position so that you can better adjust your closing technique - ''Sales Mastery'' teaches you all of this and much much more. All you have to remember is your ABC: Always Be Closing!


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Negotiation Skills
Public Speaking
Influencing Skills
Persuasion Skills
Sales Techniques
Sales Strategy
Sales Promotion
Communication Skills
Sales tax
Sales Coaching
Sales Manager
Sales Process
Sales Training
Sales Marketing


Module one Analysis

Your first module will help you analyze your current situation and current selling technique. What are you doing now and is it working? How can you do it better?

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours

Module Two Opening Techniques

The opening phase is when a salesperson comes first interacts with the customer. This is the time when the sales person has to ensure that everything is being set for a successful ending. This module focuses on teaching you the right opening techniques to ensure that you close every time!

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours

module five Match that!

This module focuses on teaching you how to quickly identify a client's needs and requirements so that you can match them as quickly and as closely as possible. Learn how to always have lots of happy new customers talking about your business.

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours