Scribble: Writing for New Writers

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We understand that for students to learn deeply, they need to be active, engaged, inspired, involved. They need to interact with their peers, connect dots between new and current knowledge and they need to have fun in the process!

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Writing for the Web
Writing Skills
English Writing


This course will take students through the process of writing from simple paragraphs to more complex writing structures and eventually research writing. Writing is often seen as something we do in order to remember grammatical forms and words to learn. However, I'd argue that we need grammar and words in order to write. Writing is becoming increasingly important as we communicate even more online. And increasingly we have to communicate with people from other countries. This means that we have to be able to express our ideas clearly and in a way that people can understand. If you want to get more information on writing, this is the course for you.

Writing is a process and simply taking this course will NOT make you a great writer over night. It's hard work and takes practice. What I hope for this course is that it will give you some easy tips to help move your writing in a positive direction. That said, you will still need help with your writing, so where possible, ask someone to help check and proof read your work.