SEN Teaching Assistant Level 3

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The Distance Learning Teaching Assistant Level 3 course will prepare students to become successful SEN Teaching Assistants.

Teaching Assistants work alongside teachers at the forefront of the classroom, assisting pupils with their learning; this can be individually or on a group basis. TAs carry out an important role within the classroom, initially identifying any learning or social issues that may arise with the pupils.

TAs are taking on increasingly important roles and special needs teaching assistants help children with a wide range of learning, physical or behavioural difficulties.

for example:

behavioural/social (eg difficulty making friends)
reading and writing (eg dyslexia)
understanding things
concentrating (eg Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
physical needs or impairments

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Teaching Assistant
Teacher Education
Special Needs Teaching
Team Training
Learning Teaching
Skills and Training



Unit 1: Inclusion

Unit 2: The Teaching Assistant’s Role

Unit 3: Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Unit 4: Working as Part of a Team

Unit 5: Introduction to Syndromes

Unit 6: Assessment and Planning

Unit 7: Case Studies and Observations

Unit 8: Specific Medical Conditions

Unit 9: Epilepsy Awareness

Unit 10: Diabetes Care

Unit 11: Safeguarding Children

Unit 12: IT (Including basic computer skills)

Unit 13: Form Filling and Job Applications