SharePoint 2010 Overview for IT Professionals

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SharePoint 2010 Overview for IT Professionals Training is for IT Pros who want to get a quick understanding with hands-on labs of the new features and interfaces for IT Pros in SharePoint 2010.
This 2-day instructor-led course explores the new architectural changes made to SharePoint 2010 and how to upgrade your 2007 environment to 2010.

After completing this course, students will be able to explore new service applications, powershell features, monitoring improvements, search features, backup and recovery techniques and a full coverage of upgrading to 2010.

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Module 1: Overview

Module 2: Service Applications

- Service Applications

Lab : Explore Service Applications
- Explore Service Applications

Lab : Install Service Application
- Install a Service Application
- Assign a Service Application

Module 3: PowerShell

- PowerShell
- SharePoint and PowerShell

Lab : PowerShell Basics
- PowerShell Basics ? Command Lets
- Variables
- Arrays
- While Loop
- If Statement
- Create An Object
- Static Properties

Lab : PowerShell With SharePoint
- Load SharePoint Dll into PowerShell
- Set PowerShell Execution Policy
- Enumerate Webs
- Create a site with PowerShell
- Create/Update an item with PowerShell
- Backup SharePoint with PowerShell
- Profiles and MySites script

Lab : Profiles and MySites script
- Explore SharePoint 2010 Commandlets

Module 4: Monitoring

- Monitoring

Lab : Configure Monitoring
- Configuring Diagnostic Logging

Lab : ULS Viewer
- Explore the ULS Viewer

Lab : Health Analyzer
- Explore SharePoint Health Analyzer

Lab : Logging Database
- Explore SharePoint Logging Database

Module 5: Search

- Federated Search
- Search Architecture
- FAST Search
- Search 2010

Lab : Install Search
- Install SharePoint Search

Lab : Explore Search
- Explore SharePoint Search

Lab : Install FAST Search
- Install FAST Search

Module 6: Backup Restore Disaster Recovery

- Disaster Recovery
- Backup
- Restore

Lab : Backup
- Explore Backup Options
- Central Administration
- PowerShell

Lab : Restore
- Restore SharePoint
- Partial Restore

Module 7: Install and Upgrading

- Deep Details
- Upgrading 2007

Lab : Installing SharePoint 2010
- Install SharePoint Foundation
- Install SharePoint Server

Lab : Upgrade (Pre-reqs)
- Upgrade to SP2
- Install CU Oct 2009

Lab : Upgrade (Gradual)
- Gradual Upgrade

Lab : Upgrade (In-Place)
- In-Place Upgrade

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Before attending this course, students must have SharePoint 2007 experience (for upgrade), understanding of database and web applications.                        

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