Software Design for Non-Designers



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If you would like to enroll for this course, there are no formal prerequisites or limitations. The course is free and open for everyone. Just register for an account on openSAP and go for the course!

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Quality Training
IT Development


Course informationIn This Course You Will:

    • Grow an understanding of the relevance of design to the development of quality products

    • Learn how to extend the current sense of "product quality" to include delighting end users

    • Understand the role of designers, developers and development architects, product managers, and business experts in design

    • Become familiar with the skills and resources you will need to design and build quality products

    • Deepen your knowledge of design and the work of designers with development and other teams

    • Get familiar with how good design can become a part of your daily work

Course Structure:

Each class includes five components to make learning more effective and more fun.

    • Video Lectures – Design thought leaders presenting topics with examples drawn from various sources

    • Check Points – Each lecture will pause at key points for a brief quiz so you can assess your understanding of the materials presented thus far

    • Hands-on Exercise – Small, manageable exercises related to and extending the class topics, to be completed individually or in collaboration

    • Further Reading and Resources – Annotated links to additional class materials as well as topic experts and other sources of guidance

Throughout the course, students will receive points for weekly challenges. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a document confirming course participation.

Course Characteristics

    • Starting from: Wednesday, June 1, 2016, 09:00 UTC. (What does this mean?)

    • Duration: 6 weeks (3 - 4 hours per week)

    • Peer Assessment: June 22, 2016, 9:00 UTC - July 14, 2016, 9:00 UTC

    • Course language: English

    • How is an openSAP course structured?

Target Audience

    • Anyone interested in Software Design

Course Requirements

    • No specific course requirements

Course contents
  • Week 1 - What is design and why design matters: Design thinking, design practice, and the language of design
  • Week 2 - Design Process: The software interface design process, roles and concepts
  • Week 3 - Needs finding: Understanding the needs of the people you are designing for.
  • Week 4 - Conceptual Design: Matching product design to the work of the user
  • Peer Assessment
  • Week 5 - High Fidelity Design: Simple, yet impactful considerations when design software applications.
  • Week 6 - Design at work: A peek behind the scenes of how software design works at SAP.
  • I Like, I Wish: We Love Your Feedback … And Want More