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The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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SoundForge 8.0
Record and edit


SoundForge 8.0 Essential Training Course Introduction This tutorial on SoundForge 8.0 will focus on the powerful Sound Forge® Audio Editor, professional audio recording techniques, obtaining pristine audio quality, achieving professional audio effects and learning the audio restoration tools. Sound Forge®, acclaimed for its power, stability and no nonsense interface, is considered the industry standard for audio software professionals who want to create and edit digital audio files with absolute speed and precision. SoundForge 8.0 contains everything you need to analyze, record and edit audio, produce music loops, digitize and clean-up old recordings, model acoustic environments, create streaming media and master replication-ready CDs

Course Details
  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 7.25 Hours
  • Platform: Windows and MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Project Files: Included

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Chapter 1: Quick Start Guide (13 min)
  1. Quick Start Guide Part 1
  2. Quick Start Guide Part 2
Chapter 2: Data Window Walkaround (7 min) Chapter 3: Menus (151 min)
  1. The File Menu-New
  2. The File Menu-Open/Drag and Drop/Toolbar and SoundForge Explorer
  3. The File Menu-Close/Workspace
  4. The File Menu-Save/Save As/Save All
  5. The File Menu-Save as Project/Render As
  6. The File Menu-Export to Net MD/Export to CD Architect/Export All to CD Architect
  7. The File Menu-Extract Audio From CD
  8. The File Menu-Publish/Get Media From the Web/Properties/Exit/Previous Documents
  9. The Edit Menu-Undo/Redo/Repeat/Undo All/Undo Redo History
  10. The Edit Menu-Cut/Copy/Paste/Paste Special
  11. The Edit Menu-Trim Crop/Delete/Select All
  12. The Edit Menu-Preview Cut Cursor/Pre-Roll to Cursor
  13. The Edit Menu-Tool
  14. The Edit Menu-Go To/Selection
  15. The View Menu-Maximize Width/Toolbars
  16. The View Menu-Clipboard/Zoom Time/Zoom Level
  17. The View Menu-Volume Envelope/Pan Envelope
  18. The View Menu-Focus To Data Window/Explorer
  19. The View Menu-Regions List/Playlist
  20. The View Menu-Video Preview/Time Display/Play Meters/Undo-Redo History/Spectrum Analysis/Plug-In Chainer/Plug-In Manager/Keyboar
  21. The Special Menu-Transport
  22. The Special Menu-Region List/Playlist-Cutlist
  23. The Special Menu-Acid Looping Tools/Edit Acid Properties/Edit Sample/Edit Tempo
  24. The Special Menu-Center Cursor/Insert Marker/Insert Region/Insert Sample Loop/Insert Command
  25. The Special Menu-Mark In/Mark Out/Toggle Selection/Undo-Redo History/Rebuild Peak Data
Chapter 4: Process (79 min)
  1. The Process Menu-Auto Trim/Crop
  2. The Process Menu-Bit-DeParth Converter
  3. The Process Menu-Channel Converter
  4. The Process Menu-DC Offset
  5. The Process Menu-EQ-Graphic
  6. The Process Menu-EQ-Parametric
  7. The Process Menu-EQ-Paragraphic
  8. The Process Menu-Fade-In/Out
  9. The Process Menu-Fade-Graphic
  10. The Process Menu-Insert Silence/Mute/Invert-Flip
  11. The Process Menu-Normalize
  12. The Process Menu-Pan/Expand
  13. The Process Menu-Resample
  14. The Process Menu-Reverse/Smooth-Enhance
  15. The Process Menu-Time Stretch
  16. The Process Menu-Volume
Chapter 5: Effects (81 min)
  1. The Effects Menu-Acoustic Mirror
  2. The Effects Menu-Amplitude Modulation
  3. The Effects Menu-Chorus
  4. The Effects Menu-Simple Delay-Echo/Multi-Tap Delay-Echo
  5. The Effects Menu-Distortion
  6. The Effects Menu-Graphic Dynamics/Multi-Band Dynamics
  7. The Effects Menu-Envelope
  8. The Effects Menu-Flange-Wah Wah
  9. The Effects Menu-Gapper/Snipper
  10. The Effects Menu-Noise Gate
  11. The Effects Menu-Pitch-Bend/Pitch-Shift
  12. The Effects Menu-Reverb
  13. The Effects Menu-Vibrato
  14. The Effects Menu-Wave Hammer
Chapter 6: Tools (59 min)
  1. The Tools Menu-Burn Track-At-Once Audio CD
  2. The Tools Menu-Auto Region/Extract Region
  3. The Tools Menu-Detect Clipping
  4. The Tools Menu-Find
  5. The Tools Menu-Repair-Interpolate/Repair-Replace/Copy Other Channel
  6. The Tools Menu-Audio Restoration
  7. The Tools Menu-Crossfade Loop
  8. The Tools Menu-Sampler
  9. The Tools Menu-Synthesis/DTMF-MF Tones/FM/Simple
  10. The Tools Menu-Statistics
  11. The Tools Menu-Preset Manager
  12. The Tools Menu-Batch Converter
  13. The Tools Menu-ScriParting
Chapter 7: FX Favorites (2 min) Chapter 8: Options (33 min)
  1. Partions Menu-Status Format - Samples/Time/Time and Frames/Absolute Frames/Measures and Beats/SMPartE Film Sync/SMPartE EBU/SMP
  2. Partions Menu- Annotations/Play Meters/Time Display/Video
  3. Partions Menu-Loop Playback/Scroll Playback/Drag and Drop Snapping/Lock Loop-Region Length/Paste Events/Selection Grid Lines/Au
  4. OPartions Menu-Midi In-Out/MIDI Triggers
  5. Partions Menu-Preferences
Chapter 9: Window (3 min) Chapter 10: Help (3 min) Chapter 11: Recording (11 min) Chapter 12: Spectrum Analysis (10 min) Chapter 13: Plug-In Chainer (7 min) Chapter 14: CD Architect (12 min)