Stepping into Leadership – Developing and strengthening your leadership style

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Gerichtet an: Young professionals and high potentials working in an international environment who wish to further develop and enhance their leadership style.

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Deutz-Mülheimer-Straße 204, 51036, Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW, Deutschland
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Inselkammerstraße 7-9 , 82008, Bayern, Deutschland
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Bill Cole
Bill Cole
Leadership, Communication


Leadership is about people, values, cooperation, and creating a happy, motivated working atmosphere. As a leader in the business world, you are required to have vision, make futureoriented decisions, and to ensure that the people you lead can make the best possible use of their qualities. This seminar will help you to become familiar with your new role and to avoid typical mistakes one can make when taking on a first leadership role.
You will get to know different leadership styles and you will figure out which style best compliments your personal qualities and is the most effective in your role. The seminar provides room to practice making and implementing decisions and to train communication techniques essential when delegating tasks and giving feedback to your staff. These skills will help you gain the confidence and insights necessary to perform effectively as a leader in an international business setting.


  • You develop a leadership toolbox to take on your new role with confidence.
  • You know how to avoid typical mistakes when leading people.
  • You improve your communication and conflict management skills.


  • Personal values, corporate values, and their effect on leadership
  • Self-image versus the picture that others have of you
  • Leadership in the context of organisational dimensions and cultures
  • Communication skills and conflict management
  • Becoming familiar with your new role and developing your own authentic and effective leadership style
  • Situational leadership
  • Upside down management
  • Team leading: challenges and team dynamics

Group work, role-play, trainer input, and delegate case studies.

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