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Team Problem Solving Online Course (12 months Access)

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Team dynamics often create their own set of problems. Don't try to find solutions alone - do it with the proven resolution techniques outlined in this easy-to-follow, ready-to-apply program. This interactive LearnKey training course based on the book Team Problem Solving by Sandy Pokras shows you step-by-step how to rationally confront issues and how to systematically resolve them. Real solutions prevent recurrent problems.


Learn from the experts how to identify and overcome obstacles as a team.
Understand how to use the best techniques to resolve issues effectively
This self-paced course from LearnKey will guide you through the steps to find the best solutions.

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Problem Solving
Team Training


Session 1

Section A: Team Problem Solving
Course Overview
Fact File

Section B: Problem Recognition
Gathering Information
Fact File

Section C: Problem Labeling
Data Collection
Labeling Techniques
Defining the Label
Fact File

Section D: Problem-Cause Analysis
Root Cause
Fact File

Section E: Optional Solutions
Confirming Root Cause
Search for Solutions
Fact File

Section F: Resolving the Problem
Decision Making
Fact File
Action Planning
The Six Steps