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Digital technologies provide ways for learners to interact, communicate and collaborate. Virtual worlds and games enable authentic learning and role play. Mobile devices mean that learning anywhere, anytime is now a reality. This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) provides a broad overview of digital technologies and how they can be used to facilitate different pedagogical approaches.

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By the end of this course, successful participants will have:

Evaluated a range of technologies and discussed their implications for learning

Demonstrated skills in searching for, critical analysis of and collation of academic resources

Critiqued the use of technologies in a variety of learning contexts

Reflected on the wider issues surrounding the use of technology in learning and teaching


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This MOOC is intended to give learners a broad overview of technologies, their associated affordances/characteristics and the ways in which they can be used across different learning contexts. Participants will learn about a range of technologies, experiment with them and critique their relevance to practice. The course will investigate issues surrounding different technologies, such as privacy and copyrights. Digital literacies, inclusion and the future of technology-enhanced learning will also be addressed.