Top Up - Business and Law BA (Hons) Degree

Coventry University
In Scarborough (Grossbritannien)

£ 5.846 - (6.705 )
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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Scarborough (Grossbritannien)
  • Wann:
    Oktober 2017

"Coventry University College is a new concept in higher education that is designed to integrate study into the life that you lead.

We understand that you have many aspects to your life, but you recognise that gaining higher-level skills and qualifications is really important. That's why we are designing this new way of studying."

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Ashburn Rd, Scarborough, YO11 2JW, North Yorkshire, Grossbritannien
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IT Law
Business Law
Intellectual Property Law
Property Law
Intellectual Property
Business Strategy
Commercial Law
International Trade
Information Systems management
Information Management System
IT Development
IT Management
Business Finance
Information Systems management
Information Systems management
IT Law
IT Law
Information Systems management


  • International Business
  • Business Strategy
  • Commercial Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights

On successful completion of the programme you should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • Leadership concepts and information management – you will explore a range of leadership and management theories including the development, management and exploitation of information systems and their impact upon organisations. You will also look at relevant communication and information technologies for application in business and law;
  • Economics and finance - you will look at the key principles of business economics, by examining the interrelated nature of business, government and the public sector. You will also examine the complexity of the economic environment in which businesses operate and the financial information produced by businesses, specifying how accounting and finance functions support business operations, and identifying sources and methods of financing for businesses and individuals;
  • Law of business organisations - you will look at the workings of business organisations (including formation and effect), their operations and management. You will also examine the practical implications of such entities entering into binding obligations and contracts, the issue of liabilities and protection and the theoretical doctrines and practical applications of English commercial law, drawing where relevant on materials from other jurisdictions;
  • Property Law - you will look at property rights in relation to Land and deal with their definition, development, acquisition and transfer
  • Business strategy and entrepreneurship - you will explore the fundamental aspects of the global business environment that influences business decisions and behaviour. You will also explore the challenges and opportunities involved in the operation of multinational enterprises, the approaches to strategy development, the implications of strategic choices; stakeholder interests and the wider context of strategy and the dynamic and visionary approach to businesses created by entrepreneurs.