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Dauer 2 Tage
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This course covers the fundamentals of MySQL

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Basic computer literacy

Understanding of SQL fundamentals is useful



This course covers the fundamentals of MySQL


Application developers, administrators, users who also need to work with the database server directly (table design, loading data, queries).


  • Find and effectively utilize resources such as the MySQL website, the online reference manual, mailing lists and others

  • Understand the fundamentals of relational databases and the client/server concept

  • List the major features and roadmap of MySQL

  • Perform a basic MySQL installation on Windows or Linux

  • Use the standard command-line and graphical clients to connect with the MySQL Server and execute basic commands

  • Identify column types and their characteristics, choosing the appropriate type

  • Understand automatic type and column conversions

  • Create and modify databases and tables (Data Definition Language)

  • Import data from a file or via an ODBC connection

  • Understand and use most common functions and expressions

  • Write and execute basic SQL queries including joins and aggregation

  • Perform operations on data (Data Manipulation Language)

  • Establish a basis for further MySQL training


Basic computer literacy

Understanding of SQL fundamentals is useful

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