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The objective of this course is to offer an integrated overview of vaccinology, from public health and scientific data justifying the development of a vaccine, to its delivery to the populations in the context of industrialized and developing countries. Dedicated to candidates with a medical or scientific background who are interested in all aspects of vaccinology: medical and public health students, scientific Master II and PhD students (Immunology, Microbiology), physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians and other health professionals. The MOOC is composed of 31 lectures presenting historical aspects of vaccines, immunology and design of vaccines, basic principles of preclinical and clinical development, an update of vaccine development for the major infectious diseases, and the future challenges of vaccinology.

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Voraussetzungen: This Mooc is dedicated to doctors, pharmacists, researchers, students, nurses or other staff of public or private hospitals, staff of the pharmaceutical industry or of public health services.


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History of vaccines
Smallpox eradication
Immune memory
Rotavirus vaccines
TB vaccines


MOOC Vaccines

Week 1

  • Introduction (C. Bréchot)
  • Program presentation (A. Phalipon & F. Tangy)


  • History of vaccines including IP (S. Plotkin)
  • Smallpox eradication (D. Tarantola)
  • Polio eradication (F. Delpeyroux)
  • Modeling in vaccinology (P. White)
  • Antigen discovery (G. Grandi)

Week 2
Basics suite

  • Immune memory of vaccines (RP. Sekaly)
  • Vaccines for pregnant women (F. Munoz)
  • Vaccines for neonates (A. Marchant)
  • Correlates of protection (M. Fletcher)
  • Adjuvants (G. del Guidice)
  • Delivery of vaccines (B. Combadière)

Week 3


  • On the importance of maintaining vaccine coverage (D Levy-Bruhl)
  • Epidemiology post vaccination: pertussis vaccine example (N. Guiso)

Preclinical and clinical development

  • GMP production (S. Brown)
  • Immuno-monitoring (ML. Gougeon)
  • Phase I/II clinical trials (D. Lewis)
  • Phase III clinical trials (A. Podda)

Week 4
Recent success / New Vaccines made recently available

  • Success of glycoconjugate vaccines (M. Beurret)
  • Rotavirus vaccines (T. Vesikari)
  • HPV vaccines (K. Hardt)

Improving existing vaccines

  • Influenza vaccines (O. Engelhardt)
  • TB vaccines (S. Stenger)

Week 5
Vaccines remaining to be developed and implemented

  • RSV vaccines (R. Karron)
  • HIV vaccines (B. Autran)
  • Malaria vaccines (Z. Reed)
  • Vaccines against neglected parasites and worms (ME. Bottazzi)

Week 6

Future challenges

  • Innovation in future vaccines (R. Rappuoli
  • Vaccines for the elderly (R. Aspinal))
  • Vaccine economics (D. Atherly)
  • Globalization of vaccine production (J. Calmet)
  • Vaccine implementation on the field (D. Chang Blanc)
  • Vaccine perception (A. Thompson)