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Wealth Innovation and Diversity Online Course (12 months Access)

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The training course, Wealth, Innovation and Diversity, takes you on a journey around the world to understand a fundamental truth: Diversity is the key to creating wealth for all. Drawing from history, science, and business, LearnKey expert Joel Barker contends that your organization will experience long-lasting success only when you collaborate with individuals who are different from yourself. This training course is for everyone in your organization, and will help you move successfully into the future.


You will learn to embrace and welcome diverse perspectives in your daily business.
Your broadened perspectives will improve innovation.
Through innovation, your organization will have the keys to generate greater wealth.

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Session 1

Section A: Putting Differences to Work
  Irish Potato Famine
  Inca Potato Cultivation
  Two Choices
  Fear of Differences

Section B: Stages of Growth
  Stage One - Accretion
  Stage Two - Replication
  Advantages of Replication
  Risks of Replication
  Principles of Biodiversity
  Stage Three - Mutualism
  How Mutualism Works
  Mutualism Creates Wealth

Section C: Ongoing Innovation
  Paradigm Shifting Innovations
  Outsiders Shift Paradigms
  Summary of Diversity