What's new in IBM i V7R2 and IBM POWER8 Systems

In Stuttgart, Zürich (Schweiz) und Wien (Österreich)

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This basic course is intended for existing IBM i administrators, users, and support personnel.

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Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
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Wien, Österreich
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Zürich, Schweiz
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· Voraussetzungen

You should have the following recommended skills:

  • Basic understanding of Power Systems with IBM i architecture.
  • Basic understanding of the support available in a current release of IBM i.


This course is designed to enable you to acquire the skills necessary to prepare for installing and leveraging the new functions of IBM i 7.2 on POWER7 and POWER8 hardware.

The emphasis is on the hardware and software components introduced in 2014 announcements of POWER8 hardware and V7R2.

Training Paths that reference this course are:

  • System Administrator
  • Application Developer using RPG IV
  • Application Developer using SQL

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Describe the new models of POWER8
  • Describe the new enhancements to IBM i 7.2 software release
  • Discuss the major planning steps to upgrade to IBM i 7.2
  • Discuss the significant POWER8 hardware
  • Describe single root IO virtualization
  • Describe the major enhancements of DB2
  • Describe PowerHA/DR strategy and product offerings
  • Discuss the major functions of PowerVP
  • Describe the enhancements to IBM i Access
  • Describe the enhancements of IBM Systems Navigator for i
  • Discuss the enhancements development enhancements
  • Discuss the enhancements IBM i mobile

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