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Are you interested on Accredited Lean Management? If your answer is positive, maybe this course imparted by London Corporate Training is suitable for you.

The Accredited Lean Management Programme is targeted to Chief Executives, entrepreneurs, Sales Directors, Marketing Directors, Chief Operations Officers, Senior Managers, Heads of Department, Senior advisors and influencers.

Its content resume is focused on lean awareness, habits of effective people, leadership as a service, TWI and how it fits, direction setting and strategic alignment.

Don’t miss this chance and be part of this course. If you are interested on participating, ask for further information to the centre through We will reply as soon as it is possible.

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Chief Executives
Sales Directors
Marketing Directors
Chief Operations Officers
Senior Managers
General Managers
Heads of Department
Senior advisors and influencers



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Jamal Orazova
Das Beste: Thank you very much! Course was very useful and interesting. Special thanks to all trainers.
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Kurs abgeschlossen: Dezember 2014
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Abdullah Khamis Al Mahrooi
Das Beste: Great training. Thank you
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Kurs abgeschlossen: Dezember 2014
Würden Sie diesen Bildungsanbieter weiterempfehlen?: Ja
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Team Training
Lean Management
Business Finance
Business Cases
Leadership Management
Communication Plan


Course Content

Lean awareness

  •     History of lean
  •     Lean within the workplace
  •     Adding Value to your process
  •     Current state vs Future state
  •     8 Wastes
  •     Lean measures
  •     Lean awareness game
  •     Understand what 5S is and how to apply it
  •     Mapping a process at the right level
  •     What is 5S and how should it be used

Habits of effective people, Leadership is a service

  •     What are the habits of effective people
  •     From dependency to Interdependency
  •     Where do we see ourselves?
  •     How do we improve using good techniques?
  •     Are our leadership processes error free or susceptible to errors?
  •     Silent killer of organisations
  •     Is my profession a leader? or in addition to my day job.
  •     Leaders deliver processes every day, lets understand how your customers (Team) view these

TWI and how it fits, Direction setting and strategic alignment

  •     Understand training at work and how it fits with your business
  •     Alignment and consensus building from CEO to Employee. What does each level need to deliver to their customer?
  •     How do we get from Silo to Seamless? Cross functional team work improves outcomes
  •     Communication hierarchy, from team to CEO how do we ensure the communication is quality over quantity

Standardise to enable

  •     What are the standards of leadership, what do we have in place to measure success
  •     Solve problems for good develop root cause thinking.
  •     Understand standard operating procedures and how they can reduce variation on process delivery
  •     When it comes down to leadership, there are four things all leaders do, to get results from their teams.
  •     Learn to coach correctly with structure to gain great results

Setting the future

  •     1A Cardiff University - LCS Assessment paper
  •     Build capability to ensure focus and alignment in the business
  •     Create a plan for the individuals to take back to the business
  •     Feedback presentation on the findings of the week and how it will be used.