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Take this Advanced Compliance Toolkit Course, imparted by London Corporate Training, and learn the classics of staying compliant while maximising profits.

This training is targeted to delegates responsible for the prevention and control of financial crime, anti-money laundering officers and fraud investigators, and regulatory compliance specialists, or professionals seeking to build a highly advanced FCC toolkit.

Thanks to its content, participants will be able to evaluate the background, nature and evolving trends of financial crime compliance from a professional perspective; master the reporting system, the collection and exchange of information, and make effective use of financial intelligence.

Obtaining a 360-degree experience of anti-money laundering regulation and international financial crime compliance standards, as well as implementing proportionate and sophisticated action plans and processes for combating financial crime and fraud are also part of the summary.

Don’t miss this chance and be part of this course. If you are interested on participating, ask for further information to the centre through We will reply as soon as it is possible.

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Delegates responsible for the prevention and control of financial crime, anti-money laundering officers and fraud investigators, and regulatory compliance specialists, or professionals seeking to build a highly advanced FCC toolkit



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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Anti-money Laundering
IT risk
Financial Training
Financial Crime
Cyber Crime


Course Content

Financial Crime

  •     Transnational organised crime
  •     Interpol’s 18 crime areas
  •     Global response: the AML Regime
  •     Terrorist financing and Sanctions
  •     UNTOC
  •     FATF
  •     The Egmont Group
  •     The role of FIUs
  •     The private sector: gatekeepers
  •     The rationale of reporting
  •     The role of financial intelligence
  •     FCC as the tool to protect the financial system’s integrity

 Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC)

  •     ABC essentials explained
  •     UKBA 2010
  •     Anti-Bribery & Corruption videos
  •     Whistleblowing
  •     FCA
  •     OECD
  •     UNCAC
  •     Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR)
  •     StAR Cases
  •     SFO Cases
  •     FCPA Cases

Anti-Money-Laundering (AML)

  •     Proceeds of crime
  •     The three – stage ML process
  •     The three ML stages
  •     ML vulnerability: the Zero point
  •     Basel AML Index
  •     Offences
  •     The 4TH MLD
  •     Case study: POCA, Part 7 ML
  •     Triggering the AML investigation
  •     From Suspicion to reporting
  •     SAR and the Good “Narrative”

AML Tools

  •     Tool 1: KYA (Know Your Assets)
  •     Tool 2: KYB (Know Your Business)
  •     Tool 3: KYC (Know Your Customer)
  •     Tool 4: CDD (Customer Due Diligence)
  •     Tool 5: EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence)
  •     Tool 6: SDD (Simplified Due Diligence)

Cyber crime

  •     Phishing
  •     Webcam manager
  •     File hijacking
  •     Keylogging
  •     Screenshot manager
  •     Ad clicker
  •     Hacking
  •     Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)
  •     JMLIT
  •     European Cybercrime Centre (EC3)
  •     Information Assurance and Cyber Security for Information Asset and Information Risk Owners


  •     Identity crime
  •     Individual fraud
  •     Corporate fraud
  •     Online fraud
  •     Advanced fee fraud
  •     Tax and benefit system fraud
  •     Intellectual property crime
  •     Insider dealing

Advanced ABC Loadicator

  •     Tracing capital flight from developing countries
  •     Sustainable development goals in practice
  •     Illicit financial flows
  •     UNCAC and beneficial ownership transparency
  •     Beneficial ownership registries
  •     Scanning and profiling legal entities and complex legal arrangements
  •     Connecting physical persons with legal entities – best practices

Business Unit and Customer Profiling

  •     Linking clients with transactions
  •     How to regularly assess ML and TF risks: sources
  •     Risk assessment and vulnerability of transactions
  •     Fitting your FCC programme in the “holistic” risk-based approach – whose?
  •     Evidenced-based decision making and targeting ML and TF risks faced by the host State and regional organisations
  •     Transparency: internal standards and controls
  •     SYSC: Single vs Several Operations – your suspicion matrix
  •     Data Protection for businesses and the rise of the Data Protection Officer

FCC Re-tooling

  •     Risk assessments – why? which and where from?
  •     FATF, Basel AML Index and ESMA reloaded
  •     Risk-based approach
  •     Putting it all together in the SYSC context
  •     Trade-based ML – misinvoicing and third-party risk management
  •     Financial sanctions: EU, International, and U.S.
  •     Proliferation financing