Advanced Services - Building Enhanced Cisco Security Networks

Fast Lane GmbH
In Eschborn

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Network security has become more important than ever because of the need to deal with the increased number of network threats from worms and easy-to-use distributed denial of service (DDoS) tools. Today, companies can no longer afford to deal with network security in a reactionary mode due to the potential for severe financial and intellectual loss. For that reason, companies are investing in t..
Gerichtet an: Individuals who design security networks based on Cisco security products Individuals who implement end-to-end Cisco security services Individuals who deploy networks using Cisco security services


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Ludwig-Erhard-Straβe 3, 65760, Hessen, Deutschland
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Ludwig-Erhard-Straβe 3, 65760, Hessen, Deutschland
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  • Introduction
  • Developing a network security policy
  • Configuring site-to-site IPSec VPNs with split tunneling
  • Understanding fragmentation, path MTU discovery, and recursive routing
  • Deploying IPSec-HA
  • Implementing DMVPN
  • Deploying IBNS for a wireless network
  • Securing Cisco network management
  • Configuring CiscoWorks VMS 2.2 for IDS management
  • Common network attack mitigation

Lab Outline

  • Developing a network security policy
  • Create a threat response procedure for the network security policy
  • Configure Cisco IOS Software for site-to-site VPN using IPSec
  • Configure a remote office for secure split tunneling
  • Identify path MTU for an established site-to-site IPSec VPN
  • Configure stateless high availability between IPSec routers
  • Configure connectivity to a stateful high-availability IPSec redundant pair
  • Configure a NHRP spoke router to participate in a DMVPN
  • Configure Cisco IOS Software for SSH Protocol
  • Configure Cisco SNMP v2 and Cisco SNMP ACLs
  • Configure a wireless network for 802.1X using Cisco secure ACS
  • Configure Cisco secure PIX firewall, Cisco IOS Software, Cisco secure IDS, and CiscoWorks VMS 2.2 to mitigate and respond to network threats

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