Advanced Services - Cisco IOS XR Software Fundamentals for Network Operations

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This course introduces the audience to the Cisco IOS® XR Software router operating system and some of its fundamental features. The course modules will introduce the available hardware configurations, operation, routing protocol implementation, security, and other topics. Hands-on lab exercises will enhance and reinforce student understanding. This course does not target a specific hardware..
Gerichtet an: This course is for technical professionals who are: Network operations center personnel handling general operations and support of routers running the Cisco IOS XR Software operating system Customers who have purchased, but not received, Cisco IOS XR Software supported routers Cisco partners selling and supporting Cisco IOS XR Software routers Cisco engineers supporting sales of Cisco IOS XR So...

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The course outline is as follows:

  • Module 1: Overview of Hardware Platforms Supporting Cisco IOS XR Software This module introduces students to the Cisco IOS XR Software platforms and components that currently support Cisco IOS XR Software.
  • Module 2: Cisco IOS XR Software Overview This module introduces the Cisco IOS XR Software architecture, including high-availability, scalability, and other features.
  • Module 3: Cisco IOS XR Software Configuration Basics This module shows the basics of Cisco IOS XR Software and how to create and review an initial configuration. The module demonstrates how to review redundancy.
  • Module 4: SDRs This module provides the student with a high-level overview of SDR creation and functionality.
  • Module 5: Cisco IOS XR Software Installation This module teaches the student to select, prepare, install, activate, and deactivate Cisco IOS XR Software packages.
  • Module 6: Cisco IOS XR Software Security This module outlines aspects of Cisco IOS XR Software AAA, along with router security administration and access control list configuration using the command-line interface (CLI).
  • Module 7: Cisco IOS XR Software Operations This module introduces the student to Cisco IOS XR Software configuration considerations and other operational features.
  • Module 8: Cisco IOS XR Software Routing Protocols This module covers a basic implementation of the OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP protocols and configuration of the IPv4 address family.
  • Module 9: Routing Policy Language This module teaches the student the basics of the Routing Policy Language (RPL) and illustrates a methodology to convert route maps to RPL policy. Module 10: Multicast This module teaches the student the basic Cisco IOS XR Software implementation of multicast routing and associated protocols. Module 11: MPLS This module teaches the student the implementation and configuration basics of MPLS in the Cisco IOS XR Software operating system software.

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