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Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Describe what is meant by the term 'unified communications and describe the management space and the Cisco Systems® suite of products for managing this space Discuss the associated network management needs and challenges Understand the various quality-of-service (QoS) metrics and terminology Effectively use Operations Mana..
Gerichtet an: This course is for network administrators, network operators, and system administrators who need to know how to use the suite of Cisco Unified Communications products in their network environment.The following are the primary audience for this course:" Network administrators and operators" System administrators

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Ludwig-Erhard-Straβe 3, 65760, Hessen, Deutschland
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Ludwig-Erhard-Straβe 3, 65760, Hessen, Deutschland
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The Cisco® Unified Operations Manager and Service Monitor v1.1 course teaches students how to effectively use the suite of Cisco Unified Communications products, Operations Manager, Service Monitor, and Cisco 1040 Sensors to manage unified communications.

The focus of the course is to provide knowledge and practice of various Operations Manager and Service Monitor functions such as viewing unified communications devices, connectivity, alerts, events; running diagnostic tests; and monitoring applications, devices, and service quality of active call streams. Cisco Unified Operations Manager provides contextual diagnostic tools to facilitate trouble isolation and troubleshooting.

Cisco Unified Service Monitor works together with the Cisco 1040 Sensors to report on service quality by monitoring active call streams. Labs are available to reinforce what is discussed in the lecture.

Module 1: IntroductionLesson 1: What is IP Communications?Lesson 2: Managing IP CommunicationsLesson 3: Cisco IPC Management SolutionModule 2: Using Operations Manager / Service MonitorLesson 1: Getting StartedLesson 2: Preparing OM for Initial UseLesson 3: Monitoring DashboardsLesson 4: Diagnostic TestsLesson 5: ReportsLesson 6: Monitoring Call QualityLesson 7: Notification ServicesLesson 8: Fine Tuning of Polling and Threshold SettingsModule 3: System AdministrationLesson 1: PlanningLesson 2: Preparing Devices for ManagementLesson 3: Preparing Applications / Services for ManagementLesson 4: Advanced Security TopicsLesson 5: Deploying Cisco 1040 SensorsLesson 6: Server Administration

LAB OUTLINELab 1: Getting StartedLab 2: Preparing OM for Initial UseLab 3: Monitoring DashboardsLab 4: Diagnostic TestsLab 5: ReportsLab 6: Managing Call QualityLab 7: Notification Services

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