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The Coach, Noel Boyce

Developed an in-company MBA-type programme for fast-track managers. Qualified as an Executive Coach in 1986. Managing director of Garlicks, a leading retail company in South Africa, until 1990. Founded the first Club Car distributorship in Africa in 1990 and a touring company in Cape Town in 1992.

Main focus is the development of people. On the boards of directors of seven companies. Widely travelled internationally. Has a practical, business- and results-oriented approach to coaching, based on values, business skills, experience, logic and straight talk.

Combines the synergies between business consulting, executive development, coaching and business English. Writer. Golfer. Hiker. Moved to Hamburg in 2006. Continues to coach managers and executives. Also teaches at the Helmut Schmidt Universität der Bundeswehr.


MBA dip.: Master of Business Administration dip.
FCISA: Fellow, Coaching Institute
CEC: Certified Executive Coach, Coaching Institute
EDBM: Executive Diploma in Business Management
MOP Certificate: Management Organisation Programme
PPP Certificate: Position Planning Programme
AMP: Allen Management Programme

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is an individual programme for managers and future managers who want clarity about what they really want to do, what they can achieve and how to get there. It is also suitable for refocusing managers who are unhappy or frustrated by where they are in their lives and careers.

Professional English coaching

Professional English coaching is for managers and future managers who appreciate that effective communication is essential to their career.

Professional English helps managers communicate better and makes them more effective in professional situations. It is offered as a structured course for groups and a coaching programme for individuals.

Management & leadership development

“The only people who become great managers are the ones who understand in their guts that managing is not merely a series of mechanical tasks but a set of human interactions.“
...“The Human Side of Management“ by Thomas Teal, The Harvard Business Review, 1996.

The Management and Leadership Development Course combines individual coaching with management and leadership training.

It develops an understanding of the core values, attributes and characteristics that make good managers and leaders. Core management skills are learned and practised.

The course is for managers and leaders who wish to improve their competence and for university graduates preparing for a professional career.

The Coach