ESEI International Business School

ESEI International Business School


Since its founding in 1989, ESEI Barcelona has been driven by its passion for providing an all-round, internationally-focused education that combines academic excellence in Business Studies with humanistic values to develop the character of our students.

We provide a customised education that values each student’s past, present and future by providing the best, most innovative and most appropriate tools to develop their talents and enhance their performance in an international working environment.

Our objective is to inculcate professional and personal integrity in our students; students who will one day engage their expertise in building a better society that will enable them to successfully lead a full and meaningful life.

“When I founded Esei Barcelona in 1989 I opened a decisive window to develop international business in Barcelona.
Today, I feel very proud to have been the pioneer of this model since it has widened the perspective of my students.”

Jorge Estera Sanza
Esei Barcelona Founder

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Jordi E.
Das Beste: International students all over the world, studying business administration.
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Kurs abgeschlossen: März 2018
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Master en Marketing y Comunicación

Lucas Helaouet
Das Beste: Loved the fact that we were in small groups, mainly working on case studies, etc. Also, we were all from a different country, which made me learn not only from the great professors, but also from my classmates!
Zu verbessern: -
Kurs abgeschlossen: Oktober 2015
Würden Sie diesen Kurs weiterempfehlen?: Ja
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Claudia Cano
Claudia Cano

Claudia Cano, licenciada en marketing, master en comercio internacional y finanzas, coach, performance consultant, formadora y conferencista. Experiencia empresarial en pequeñas y grandes empresas en Holanda, España e Inglaterra.

Luca  Dell'Oro
Luca Dell'Oro
Director comercial

Estudió en Luigi Bocconi Universidad de Milán. 12 años entre Unilever y Nestlé en 5 países distintos. Fue Director Comercial en España y Portugal durante 5 años. Fundador de LDO Consulting. Actualmente se dedica a la consultoría de marketing estratégico y de operaciones.

Ricardo Torres Kompen
Ricardo Torres Kompen
Investigador en el área de redes sociales y Web 2.0 en la educación

Investigador en el área de redes sociales y Web 2.0 en la educación, trabaja como coordinador de proyectos de e-learning en la fundación i2Cat y Citilab, y es profesor universitario desde 1996. Actualmente lleva a cabo investigación en el área de Entornos Personales de Aprendizaje, en colaboración con el grupo Beyond Distance Research Alliance de la Universidad de Leicester, Reino Unido.