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Netzealous - MentorHealth


MentorHealth is a comprehensive training source for healthcare professionals. Our trainings are high on value, but not on cost. MentorHealth is the right training solution for healthcare professionals. With MentorHealth, healthcare professionals can make use of the best benefits relating to their professional training.

• They can get the benefit of advice from experts in the field.
• Healthcare professionals will have the flexibility of viewing recorded webinars at their convenience.
• MentorHealth offers online interactive participation. Using this, healthcare professionals, no matter which part of the world they are based in, will have the opportunity to listen to and interact with some of the most accomplished experts in the healthcare Industry.

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	Joseph Wolfe 	Joseph
Joseph Wolfe Joseph

  Elizabeth A Snelson
Elizabeth A Snelson
Medical Staff

 Brian Tuttle  Brian
Brian Tuttle Brian

 Gina  L Campanella
Gina L Campanella
Partner, Gallagher Campanella LLC

Gina L. Campanella focuses on healthcare regulatory and transactional matters federally and in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Ms. Campanella has assisted clients with transactional services and regulatory compliance consulting, as well as general counsel services to small practices and large societies and medical groups alike.

 Glenn  Krauss
Glenn Krauss
CEO and Founder , Core

Glenn Krauss is well-recognized and respected subject matter expert in the revenue cycle with a specialized emphasis and focus upon collaborating and working closely with physicians in promoting, advocating for, educating and achieving sustainable improvement in clinical documentation that accurately reflects and reports the communication of fully informed coordinated patient care.

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