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Being assertive can help you achieve your goals. Assertiveness is a confident behaviour which can help you in many avenues of your life. You can learn how to become more assertive on a daily basis, changing behaviours to ensure you are more confident at all times.

This online training course will deliver insight, information, tips and advice on how to become more assertive, helping to boost your confidence. This course is accessible online and is easy to understand, providing you with all you need to know.

Course Access: Lifetime
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Compatibility: All major devices and browsers

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Assertiveness Training
Confidence Training
Online training
CPD Accredited
Online Course
CPD course
CPD Accredited Online Course
CPD Short course
CPD Training
24x7 CPD


Course Content

                    • Module 1 : Defining Assertiveness
                    • Module 2 : The Value of Assertiveness in the Workplace
                    • Module 3 : Identifying and Overcoming Flawed Thinking Processes
                    • Module 4 : Adopting Assertive Body Language and Exuding Confidence
                    • Module 5 : Assertive Influencing Techniques