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The BA English Language and Media allows the study of print and broadcast media to cinema and television, digital publishing, social networking, and public relations, the media increasingly defines the way we interact with our society. Media and Communication is ranked in the top 20 of the Guardian University League Tables 2016.
The English Language component looks at ways of analysing language knowledge and language use across contexts. Opportunities offered to students include the chance to obtain an internationally recognised, professional teaching qualification (Cambridge CELTA) during year 2, subject to interview. This degree scheme also allows the opportunity to spend a semester abroad internationally. It is also possible to spend a year abroad after year 2.
Together with English Literature, English Language is ranked 7th in the UK within the recent Research Excellence Framework exercise (REF 2014), gaining a score of 100% for the social impact of its research activities.



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English Language
Communication Training



Disclaimer: Module selection options may change.

Year 1 (Level 4)

FHEQ 4 Degree / HECert

Students choose 120 credits from the following:

Compulsory Modules

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameALE100Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Grammar and MeaningALE114Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20The Sounds of EnglishMS-100Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Introduction to Media Communication

Optional Modules

English Language Compulsory Modules - Selective 

Choose Exactly 20 credits from the following Modules:

NOTE : Select one 20 credit module from the list below

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceALE108Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Language Teaching MethodologyALE115Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Language of Everyday LifeALE116Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20A History of the English LanguageALE120Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Studying the English Language


Media - Optional Module Choices 

Choose Exactly 40 credits from the following Modules:

NOTE : Select two 20 credit modules from the list below.

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceCLC103Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Introduction to Ancient Philosophy and RhetoricHUP101Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Ethics, Justice, and SocietyML-102Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Modern European Film: Themes and PerspectivesMS-103Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Introduction to Film StudiesMS-120Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Introduction to Media HistoryMSP100RSemester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Public Relations: Strategic CommunicationsMSS106Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Hollywood: A History of American FilmPO-119Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Politics and the People

Year 3 (Level 6)

FHEQ 6 Degree / Honours

Students choose 120 credits from the following:

Compulsory Modules

None found.

Optional Modules

English Language - Compulsory Modules Selective 

Choose Exactly 60 credits from the following Modules:

NOTE : Students must select 3 x 20cr modules. Over all, students must select 60 credits in each teaching block. Joint honours students wishing to take a dissertation / research project in English Language must seek permission of the Programme Director prior to selection. Joint honours students are not permitted to take a dissertation / research project in both joint honours subjects. If ALE318 is selected in TB2, then ALE317 must also be selected in TB1. ALE317 does not have to be taken with ALE318

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceALE306Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Second Language AcquisitionALE308Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Issues in current ELTALE316Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Language in the MediaALE317Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Doing a Research ProjectALE318Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Research Project (Linguistics)ALE319Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Computer-Assisted Language LearningEN-376Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Prehistory, History and Language


Media & Communication - Optional Modules 

Choose Exactly 60 credits from the following Modules:

NOTE : Select three 20 credit modules across both teaching blocks. These should balance with your other modules 60 credits per teaching block. If you choose MS-311 (Dissertation) you MUST also choose MS-310 (Dissertation Preparation). You can only choose a dissertation in ONE of your joint honours subjects. You MUST NOT choose MS-323 (Video Production) and MS-327 (Radio Production). You may only choose ONE of these modules.

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceEN-306Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Writing for Radio and ScreenEN-309Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Further Creative Non FictionHUA308Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Real War, Imagined War: War in Literature, Art, Cinema and MusicHUP301Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Religion, Science, and SuperstitionHUP304Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Philosophy and the Social SciencesML-322Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20From Page to Screen: Adapting the European ClassicsMLF305Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Intersectional Identities in Contemporary French CinemaMS-302Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Media, Gender and SexualityMS-306Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Digital FuturesMS-307Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Practical Web TechnologiesMS-309Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Online JournalismMS-310Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Dissertation PreparationMS-311Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20DissertationMS-323Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Video ProductionMS-327Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Radio ProductionMS-332Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Drama and Documentary on ScreenMS-336Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Mediating the 21st CenturyMSS312Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Media & Communication Internship