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Bachelor's Degree in Games & Apps Development

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Universidade Europeia - Laureate Portugal
In Lisbon (Portugal)
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Tipologie Bachelor's degree
Ort Lisbon (Portugal)
Dauer 3
Beginn September 2019
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Dauer:
  • Beginn:
    September 2019

The Bachelor’s Degree in Games and Apps Development develops in its students the skills required from games as well as web and mobile application development professionals!

As a direct response to market needs this Degree, recently added in Emagister platform, has a project-based learning programme and within each semester learning will be based on a single, realistic project.

With the support of the faculty and professionals coming from companies in the sector, you will be integrated in teams creating a total six products (games or applications). By the end of the degree, these products will become the main elements of the portfolio you will present to the industry.

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Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?

Clear focus on development – Even though the GAD degree covers the various aspects of the creation of video games as well as web and mobile applications, the focus of the degree is clearly the technical site of that creation, i.e., software development and software engineering.
Multidisciplinary teams – Several of the six semester-long projects are carried out by teams that integrate not only GAD students but also students from other B.Sc.’s, such as Global Design. This, besides further increasing the quality of the created products, also provides the GAD student with very strong skills in multidisciplinary teamwork.
Portfolio – The products created in each of the semester-long projects imply integration of acquired knowledge, teamwork, and interaction with students from other B.Sc.’s (with stronger skills in game art and game design). The GAD students are thus required to develop the skills the market expects from professionals in the area.

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Beginn Sep-2019
Lisboa, Portugal
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Application Development
Critical Thinking
Web Development
Computer networks
Video Games
Mobile Programming
Mobile Applications
Market integration
Web Programming Databases
Web Project Creativity


1st Semester

Math, Physics and Games I 

Programming Fundamentals 

Visual Art for Games 

Game Production and Design 

Standalone Project 

2nd Semester

Math, Physics and Games II 

Web Programming 


Web Project

Creativity and Critical Thinking 

Science, Sources and Methods 

3rd Semester

Computer Networks 

Mobile Programming 

Game Frameworks 

Management of Game and Application Projects 

Multiplatform Project 

Cooperative Learning 

4th Semester

Math, Physics and Games III 

Computer Graphics 

Artificial Intelligence 

Software Development Methodologies 

3D Project 

Communication Skills 

5th Semester

Software Profiling and Optimization 

Distributed Programming 

Security for Games 

Information Technologies for Games 

Multiplayer Project 

Ethics and Professional Deontology 

6th Semester

Advanced Technics in Game Programming 

Emerging Games Technologies 

Usability and User Experience 

Integration with Social Networks and Other Platforms 

Final Project

Business Model for Games and Apps