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Ort São paulo (Brazil)
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  • Postgraduate
  • São paulo (Brazil)
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Would you like to expand your knowledge in the sector of oral implantology? Do you feel your experience can get better? Then you should check this course, imparted by SV Implantology Courses, because it is the one for you.

The course takes place at Sao Paulo, Brazil, delivered by a professor of the University of Sao Paulo. Its goal is to give you the necessary practice to learn the different types of anaesthesia and flaps, but also about implants and suture techniques.

You will have the opportunity to choose the most challenging cases, based on the needs and knowledge of each student. 2-3 operations per day are guaranteed as the first operator, insuring 13-15 implants, for each participant.

Don’t miss this chance to gain new knowledge about oral implantology in detail! Contact for further information.

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São Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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São Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Dental Implant
Medical Science
Dental Health
Tooth Extraction
Implantology course
Implantology course on patients
Sinus augmentation course
Advanced implantology course
Immediate loading implantology course
Bone grafting course
Bone grafts course
Implantology course brazil


Course divided into two modules:

1) Theoretical module:

- 2 days: Theoretical module of basic implantology

- 1 day: Practical module with practice on a mannequin 

2) Practical module: 

- 7 days: Basic implantology practical module on patients (implants in different areas and different post-extractive difficulties, post-extraction, flapless, etc.)

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5.500,00 Euros

7.000,00 Euros (Flight and hotel included)


Bank transfer of 20% of the total

Payment method

Bank transfer

Last term

30 days before the start of the course, registrations will be accepted in chronological order.


8.30/13:30 – 14:30/19:30


10 days


Sao Paulo (Brazil)