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Beauty Therapy and Make-Up

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Are you interested in the world of beauty? Emagister offers you a course in Beauty and Makeup Therapy, perfect for you!
Do not miss the opportunity to join this exciting and glamorous industry through ICI's makeup and beauty therapy course! This course offers the possibility to professionals to know the best kept secrets and the most advanced techniques to give you the advantage in beauty services.

They are paid to make people look and feel better. It is certainly a positive and social movement that you can expect.
With people who have more busy lifestyles, now more than ever they are investing in their physical beauty and well-being in general. Beauty salons, spas and independent beauty and makeup professionals receive more and more clients.
If you imagine yourself in the modern and exciting world of beauty therapy and makeup, then many opportunities await you as a beauty therapist.

According to the Occupational Perspectives Handbook (2010-11 edition), employment in the beauty therapy industry will increase by 20% in the coming years. Compared to other professions, it has bigger growth prospects for obvious reasons.

There are also lucrative opportunities for independent workers who, for example, provide services to the formal and wedding industries. It is a service that will always be needed.

Do not wait any longer and contact Emagister to receive more details about this course!

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Anyone with a dream and desire to succeed in beauty therapy.

Voraussetzungen: There are NO previous work or education requirements for entry into any course level. Students may enrol directly in the diploma.

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Amanda Farlow
Das Beste: I have recently graduated from International Career Institute. As I reflect back on my experience with ICI, I can honestly say that it was a truly positive experience every step of the way, from the beginning to the end. As a student I receive impeccable service from the students services department and my tutor each and every time I made a request. I would highly recommend National Career Institute to anyone interested in the Beauty Industry.
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Kurs abgeschlossen: Februar 2017
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Make up artist
Beauty Therapist
Beauty Treatments
Hair and beauty
Hair treatment
Skin lightening
Skin treatments
Skin biology
Skin science
Cleanse face
Skin-care products
Analyse face


1             Apply knowledge of nutrition to beauty therapy treatments

·         Identify the body’s systems

·         Identify nutrient needs and health problems

2             Apply knowledge of skin biology to beauty treatments

·         Identify the main functions of the skin and hair

3             Apply knowledge of skin science to beauty therapy treatments

·         Apply knowledge of skin science and disorders to beauty therapy treatments

·         Promote skin health and care

4             Demonstrate retail skin care products

·         Prepare client for skin cleansing

·         Cleanse face

·         Apply skin-care products

·         Advise on further product use

5             Design and apply make-up for photography

·         Cleanse face

·         Analyse face

·         Analyse context

·         Apply make-up

6             Design and apply make-up

·         Cleanse face

·         Analyse face and design make-up

·         Select products and equipment

·         Apply make-up

·         Apply false eyelashes

7             Design and apply remedial camouflage

·         Cleanse skin

·         Analyse treatment area

·         Select products and equipment

·         Apply remedial camouflage

8             Develop a treatment plan for beauty therapy treatments

·         Determine client requirements

·         Analyse client characteristics

·         Identify contra-indications

·         Develop a treatment plan

9             Investigate new products and services

·         Analyse market

·         Plan product and service range

·         Maintain supplier relations

·         Negotiate supply of goods

·         Monitor quality control

·         Introduce product range

·         Maximise profit

10           Conduct financial transactions

·         Operate point of sale equipment

·         Perform point of sale transactions

·         Sales

·         Reconcile takings

11           Plan & Provide the spa program

·         Demonstrate knowledge of spa principles

·         Determine the spa program

·         Prepare a client for spa treatment/s

·         Perform spa treatment/s

·         Perform aftercare treatment

12           Provide aesthetic aromatic massage

·         Prepare client for aromatic aesthetic treatments

·         Select product

·         Perform massage techniques

·         Apply aromatic aesthetic treatment products

13           Provide superficial lymph drainage massage

·         Confirm treatment plan

·         Perform superficial lymphatic drainage massage for the face

14           Use reflexology relaxation techniques in beauty treatments

·         Apply reflexology relaxation techniques

15           Provide body treatments

·         Prepare for treatment

·         Perform body massage

·         Provide aftercare

16           Provide facial treatments

·         Prepare treatment area

·         Perform massage

·         Apply skin care products

·         Advise on further treatments

17           Provide lash and brow treatments

·         Chemically treat eyelash and eyebrows

·         Shape eyebrows

·         Provide aftercare advice

18           Provide manicure and pedicure services

·         Prepare client for manicure/pedicure service

·         Perform a basic manicure/pedicure service

19           Apply gel nail enhancement

·         Prepare client

·         Remove artificial nails

·         Apply/refill artificial nails

·         Provide aftercare advice

20           Apply Nail Art

·         Apply nail art

·         Provide aftercare service

·         Promote and sell nail art

21           Apply knowledge of nail science to nail services

·         Anatomy and physiology

·         Skin and nail disorders

·         Apply nail and skin treatment products