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Become A Weight Management Coach


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  • Kurs
  • Beginner
  • Online
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    1 Day
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Have you been thinking about becoming a weight-management coach for a while? Well, now is the time to do so. Take this course and learn the most important aspects for establishing your very own weight-management coaching business. Develop long and short term business strategies that will enable you to attract new clients and maintain loyal ones.

Elmira Strange has combined her expertise in Life Coaching, Psychology Research and Cognitive Behavioural therapy to bring you this weight management coaching course. Her aim is to help you find your coaching niche and then develop your skills so that you can run individual and group coaching sessions both online and face to face.

This course will provide you with the skills to develop your passion for Weight-Management Coaching into a profitable business. It will teach you how to identify potential clients that require your help and then how to deal with them to improve their lifestyles through online or face to face coaching sessions. You will learn how to structure your coaching sessions and the most effective ways that you can publish your coaching methods.

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Over 3 hours of video lectures with supporting PDF files to enhance your learning experience. Learn the process of how to launch an effective weight management coaching business Learn the most effective way to recruit clients. How to set your fee How to deal with varying clients through alternative coaching methods The benefits of online vs face to face coaching

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Healthy Eating
Diet and nutrition
Diet food
Diet Plan
Weight loss
Client Management



  • Intro

  • Say hi and tell your fellow students why you're taking this course

  • Share your new course with your friends!

  • Introduction

  • About Your Instructor

  • GROW Coaching Model

Building Your Weight-Management Coach Persona

  • Key responsibilities of the coach

  • Handout - Key Responsibilities

  • What’s the best ‘title’ for weight-loss coaching?

  • Getting clear on your 'mission' and 'vision'

  • Who is your 'ideal client'?

  • Create your 'Statement Message'

  • Do you need additional qualifications?

  • Developing your coaching plan

Types of Weight-Management Clients

  • 3 Types of Weight-Loss Clients

  • Handout - 3 Types of Clients

  • How to coach 'female clients'

  • How to work with male clients

  • How to work with very busy clients

What Do Your Clients Really Need

  • The 3 'real' reasons of paying for your sessions

  • Common reasons for being ‘overweight’

  • 3 Types of emotional eaters

Various Forms of Coaching

  • Coaching from your office Vs coaching ‘online’

  • One-to-one coaching Vs Group coaching

  • Facebook Coaching

  • Skype or Google Hangouts coaching

  • Email Coaching

How To Give The Right Information To Your Client

  • How to increase your client's motivation

  • Measuring your client's stress levels

  • How to overcome cravings

  • How to give the right information on dieting & exercising

How To 'Attract' New Clients

  • Do you need a website?

  • How to find new clients on Facebook

  • How to become popular on YouTube?

  • Is it possible to find clients on Twitter?

  • How to attract new clients on LinkedIn

  • How to create and publish your own Kindle book within 7 days

  • How To Write a Book in 10 Steps

  • How to get known through 'magazines'

  • ‘Attracting’ clients through ‘follow-ups’

How to Find Clients in 7 Days

  • How To Find Your Coaching Clients

  • Joint Ventures

  • Free coaching

  • Power of referral

  • Voucher Deals

  • Webinars


  • How to start charging more for your services?

  • 7 Powerful coaching questions

  • When to quit your 9-to-5 job and start coaching full-time?


  • Course Quiz