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      Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry

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      Getting in touch with our spirituality, beliefs and inner faith is important to many of us. Some even reach the point of sharing them with others. More than being a job or a hobby, they treat it as their vocation. That's why on this occasion, Emagister gives you the opportunity to train in this area.

      If your desire in life includes leading others to find and meet their spiritual needs, take ICI's course in Bible studies and Christian ministry. Our course will help you better understand the Scriptures and the Christian faith, and will guide you if your goal is to become a teacher, spiritual leader or educator.

      While most of the students who took ICI's course in Bible Studies and Christian Ministry simply wanted to have a better understanding of religion and the Christian faith, there are actually occupations that you can exercise that allow you to spread the Good News while you receive a financial compensation.
      For many of us, it is important to get in touch with our faith, spirituality and inner beliefs. Many students who complete this course have the passion and goal to help people lead more spiritual and rewarding lives. This course has the ability to accelerate your journey to reach out and help others as teachers, spiritual leaders and educators.

      Do not hesitate to request more information in Emagister if you are interested in this interesting course.

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      Amanda Farlow
      Das Beste: I have just graduated from International Career Institute this year. As a student I receive impeccable service from the students services department and my tutor each and every time I made a request. As I reflect back on my experience with International Career Institute, I can honestly say that it was a truly positive experience every step of the way. I would recomment ICI with no hesitation. Thank you.
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      Kurs abgeschlossen: Januar 2017
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      Julia Robinson
      Das Beste: The quality of the course material was excellent and easy to follow. The tutors are knowledgeable, approachable and genuinely interested in each student's education. Response from tutors was immediate and helpful.
      Zu verbessern: Nothing.
      Kurs abgeschlossen: Februar 2015
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      Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

      Religious Studies
      Christian Theology
      Spiritual Healing
      Ancient Religion
      New Testament
      Biblical studies
      Old Testament
      Christian Character
      Christian Family



      1             Introduction to the Bible

      • The meaning and books of the Bible
      • History of Authorship
      • History of the Old Testament
      • Inspiration of the New Testament
      • Development of the Canon of the New Testament

      2             Major Religions in the World

      • Concepts of Comparative Religion
      • Christianity
      • Judaism
      • Islam
      • Baha’ism

      3             Christian Ethics

      • Definition of Christian Ethics
      • The Sources of Christian Ethics
      • The Ethics of Jesus
      • Christian Character
      • The Nature of Sin
      • The Christian and the Family
      • The Ethics of Interpersonal Relations
      • The Christian Duties to Self The Christian
      • Duties to the Society
      • The Christian Family
      • The Christian and the Problem of Divorce

      4             Christian Counselling

      • The Meaning of Counselling
      • The Importance of Counselling
      • The Ethics of Christian Counselling
      • The Counselling Process
      • Character of a Counsellor
      • The Need for Your Best Attention
      • The Value of Discussion
      • Accepting the Counsellee
      • Patience in Counselling
      • The Therapeutic Process
      • Addressing the Basic Problems in Counselling
      • Problems and their Settings
      • Tracing the Origin of Problems
      • Physical Causes of Problems
      • Motives and Perspectives for Discussion
      • Focusing on the Problem of Self Reliance

      5             Christian Doctrines

      • Names and Attributes of God
      • Transcendence and Imminence of God
      • Theodicy: The Problem of Evil
      • God-head (Trinity)
      • The Doctrine of Humanity
      • The Doctrine of Sin
      • Various Conceptions of Salvation
      • Introduction to Ecclesiology
      • The Initiatory Rite of the Church
      • Government of the Church
      • Three Views on the Millennium

      6             Old Testament Theology

      • Meaning, History and Methodology of Old Testament
      • God I – Existence and Nature
      • God II – Names and Manifestations
      • God III – Attributes
      • Divine Revelation
      • Creation, Providence and Theodicy
      • Humankind – Designation, Origin and Nature
      • Election and Covenant
      • Theocracy and The Law
      • Sacrifice and Worship
      • The Problem of Sin
      • Redemption and Mission
      • Human Destiny and Hope

      7             The New Testament

      • Name
      • Description
      • Origin
      • Transmission of the Text
      • Contents, History, and Doctrine