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Building ProCurve Resilient, Adaptive Networks v7.42

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Building ProCurve Resilient, Adaptive Networks v7.42 (BPRAN) describes techniques for implementing resilient switched and routed converged networks capable of fulfilling the “triple play” requirement of supporting voice, video, and data transmissions on a unified infrastructure. The course will make use of the ProVision family of switches, including the 8212zl, 5400zl, 3500yl, and 6..
Gerichtet an: ProCurve channel partners and end users

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  • Resiliency and redundancy features of ProCurve Switch 8212zl
  • Providing redundant links and default gateways with MSTP/VRRP
  • RIP and OSPF routing
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 QoS
  • IGMP, PIM-Sparse, PIM-Dense

Benefits of attending the course:

  • Design, deploy, and troubleshoot routed and bridged networks using industry-standard protocols, focusing on RIP, OSPF, VRRP, and MSTP
  • Design, deploy, and troubleshoot "Triple Play" networks Layer 2 and Layer 3 prioritization and QoS features
  • Design, deploy, and troubleshoot IPv4 multicast technology, including IGMP, PIM-Sparse, and PIM-Dense
  • Understand the applications, configuration, and troubleshooting procedures for LLDP/LLDP-MED

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