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Business Analytics: Identifying and Capturing Value Through Data

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Beginn 14/09/2020
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The ability to use data effectively to drive rapid, precise, and profitable decisions has been a critical strategic advantage for companies as diverse as WalMart, Google, Capital One, and Disney. In addition, many current and recent startups such as Palantir and Splunk are based on the application of analytics to large data bases. With the increasing availability of broad and deep sources of information – so-called “Big Data” – business analytics are becoming an even more critical capability for enterprises of all types and all sizes.

In this three-day program, executives learn to identify, evaluate, and capture business analytic opportunities that create value. Learn how to use data to develop insights and predictive capabilities using machine learning, data mining, and forecasting techniques. Next, find out how the use of optimization can support decision-making in the presence of a large number of alternatives and business constraints. Finally, explore the challenges that can arise in implementing analytical approaches within an organization.



New York City (USA)
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Don Cantow
Über den Kurs: Businesses often shy away from real analytics thinking they understand fact decision making. This course takes it to a much higher level than common practice.
Kurs abgeschlossen: März 2019
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Raul Lozano
Über den Kurs: Excellent course, applicable to any business executive.
Kurs abgeschlossen: März 2019
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Former student
Über den Kurs: This has been the best career and life decision I've ever made. The quality the faculty and adjunct faculty cannot be overstated. I was learning directly from some the greatest investors of our generation! Highly recommend it.
Kurs abgeschlossen: März 2019
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Decision Making
Management Planning
Management Control
Management Economics
Analysis methodologies
Analytical accounting
Business Analytics
Decisive execution
Business Analytics


Program Structure

The program is organized around three days, taking participants through several key topics and applications.

Day 1: Predictive Analytics

On day one, we will cover applications in consumer lending, recommendation systems, healthcare analytics, financial analytics, and sport analytics, which will allow you to:

  1. Predict outcomes
  2. Assess the quality of our predictions
  3. Quantify the economic trade-offs that result

Day 2: Prescriptive Analytics

On the second day of the program, we will discuss different frameworks to support decision-making in organizations, which allow you to:

  1. Leverage the data already collected
  2. Simulate the future to quantify today’s trade-offs
  3. Optimize millions of decisions in conjunction with thousands of business and physical constraints

We will cover applications in retail, insurance, pharmaceutical detailing, and financial analytics among others.

Day 3: The Analytic lifecycle

On the third day, we will discuss the analytic lifecycle, including:

  1. Diagnosing inefficiencies
  2. Identifying the appropriate analytical approach
  3. Deploying a decision-support system