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Car Design an Introduction

In Torino (Italy)

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    Torino (Italy)

  • Dauer

    3 Weeks

  • Beginn

    Januar 2021


Turin, a city with a unique charm, a world-class benchmark for a new culture of food and research into environmental sustainability, is the centre of excellence and innovation in the automotive field.

In this context, in line with the themes that characterize the knowledge and research of the territory, IED Turin offers you an education path, lasting three weeks, which is designed to make your curriculum more competitive, enriching it with new skills.

Therefore, our course provides you with an introduction to the basic elements and tools for a future car designer. Also, you will have an overview of contemporary trends, industrial challenges and a deep focus on the car designer’s professional role. The course will furthermore give you the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and intellectual abilities to design new vehicles based on a clear understanding of proportion, volume and surface design principles. Through visits to companies and museums you will have the opportunity to talk with professionals in the field and experience this career path through practical training and guided tours at Pininfarina, Ferrari, Automobile Museum, Cecomp and Sabelt.

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Ist dieser Kurs für mich?: This is an introductory level program, designed for creative, flexible, open-minded students or professionals from other fields who want to learn and take on challenges. People who are interested in the world of automotive design and have no prior knowledge or experience in the discipline. Skills such as drawing or sketching can be useful even if not mandatory. Applicants need to show strong motivation and the ability to work in groups.




Torino (Italy)
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via San Quintino, 39, 10121


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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

  • English Language
  • Automotive Mechanics
  • Vehicle Refinishing
  • Automotive
  • Design
  • Technical Drawing
  • 3d design
  • Design techniques
  • Drawing
  • Car Care
  • Vehicle Technology
  • Automobile Design
  • Model Engineering
  • Drawing Techniques
  • Design Management
  • Design Elements
  • Design fundamentals
  • Design methods
  • Graphic Designer
  • Car Design
  • Design Material


Study Plan

Introduction to the Profession and Industry

Gives an overview both to industry and profession, especially from the historical Italian perspective.


The main focus of the program is to develop and refine your capacity for freehand sketching and drawing. The car designer is between the sculptor and the engineer, he tackles the challenge of fitting together all the components of the car while maintaining its aesthetics and comfort. In terms of sketching and rendering, car design has the final word in industrial design process, and is placed at the top of the design pyramid. By starting from basic elements (parallelepiped, cylinder, etc.), the course provides you with a prospective drawing model for the car sketch. This requires a great deal of time and dedication both in and outside of the classroom.

Car Engineering: Design & History

Focusing on automotive architecture in history, the course is targeted to describe the main steps of the chassis frame and the platform development, stepping into automotive mechanic components innovations.

Digital Car Design

Introduction to digital bidimensional automotive development using Adobe PS, and a first general overview of Autodesk Alias Studio 3D Digital.


This course introduces the theoretical and technical elements necessary to produce car design models at different stages of project development. The real 3D view allows you to examine the shapes and volumes and to check its coherence with reference to the physical laws and the processing techniques. Modelling is a key phase of the design process as allows you to verify ideas and refine them, checking volumes, proportions and connections between the various parts of a vehicle. You will create basic clay models as final part of this module of the program.

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