Certified Data Centre Specialist - CDCS® (exam included) - Course Language: English

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      Participants must hold a valid CDCP® certificate in order to be able to register for the CDCS® class.Course Language: EnglishStudent Books: EnglishExam Language: English

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      The primary audience for this course is an IT, facilities or data centre operations professional working in and around the data centre and having the responsibility to achieve and improve high-availability and manageability of the data centre

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      The Certified Data Centre Specialist is a three-day course designed to bring participants to the level of a suitable sparring partner with suppliers. They will be able to verify offers provided by vendors for correctness, effectiveness and efficiency. CDCS® is a must-have certification for professional data centre managers and personnel. CDCS® is a pre-requisite for individuals wishing to achieve the elite CDCE® (Certified Data Centre Expert) status.After completion of the course the participant will be able to: Understand the design life cycle of data centres and the stages involvedDiscuss the data centre requirements in great level of detail with vendors, suppliers and contractors to ensure that these requirements are metValidate design plans, quotes and offers proposed by vendors/contractorsUnderstand redundancy levels for both the data centre design/setup and maintenanceUnderstand the various building considerations such as bullet proofing, mitigation of seismic activity, fire ratings and thermal stabilityUnderstand how to install a raised floor that meets requirements, avoiding misalignment, level differences and leakageUnderstand how to read a Single Line Electrical Diagram to identify and avoid the most common design issuesChoose the correct UPS and parallel con guration, learn and avoid classic parallel installation mistakesUnderstand how to calculate battery banks, validate offered configurations to ensure they meet requirementsUnderstand what distance to keep to avoid EMF issues for human safety and equipment disturbancesUnderstand the fundamental cooling setup, CFM, Delta-T and other important factorsUnderstand contamination factors and limitations Understand full details of re suppression options, how to calculate gas content and verify installationsUnderstand how to measure data centre energy efficiency and how to improve itInhalteData Centre Design/Life Cycle Overview Standards and Rating Level DefinitionsBuilding ConsiderationsAdvanced Raised Floor & Suspended CeilingAdvanced PowerPower Infrastructure LayoutGeneratorsUPS SystemsHarmonic FiltersBattery BanksAdvanced Electro Magnetic FieldsAdvanced CoolingAdvanced Fire ProtectionDesign and Install a Scalable Networking Cabling SystemEnvironmental Specificatoins and Contamination ControlData Centre EfficiencyMock ExamEXAM: Certified Data Centre Specialist

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