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Tipologie Master
Ort Aachen
Dauer 2 Jahre
  • Master
  • Aachen
  • Dauer:
    2 Jahre

This programme provides in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in modern communication technologies. Its particular focus is on advanced digital multimedia transmission systems. The students will be trained in the whole spectrum of telecommunication communication systems including the evolution towards the future internet and the next generation cellular radio systems UMTS/IMT-2000..
Gerichtet an: The ongoing extreme growth of the information technology produces a high need for well-trained communications engineers. There is a world-wide lack of communications engineers which are needed in the field of multimedia communication systems for industrial and non-industrial research, system development, fabrication, network planning, and network management and maintenance.


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Muffeter Weg 3a, 52074, Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW, Deutschland
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Muffeter Weg 3a, 52074, Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW, Deutschland
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· Voraussetzungen

Students have to fulfil the following requirements: * performance above average (upper third) with a GPA of at least 75 % (respectively 3.5 on a scale of 4.0 or 4.0 on a scale of 5.0 or "First Class with Distinction"), * excellent performance in the field of Communications Engineering, especially in the courses "Probability and Random Processes", "Information Theory" and "Signals and Systems".....


Structure of the Programme
This two-year programme consists of three semesters of courses, eight weeks of industrial internship, and a six-month period for the Master thesis. The language of the courses is English. The courses comprise lectures, exercises, seminars, and experimental laboratories in communications engineering. In addition, the students have to attend a course in management & economics and a German language course. Furthermore, the students can take any voluntary elective courses of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

After each of the first three semesters students are assessed through five exams. The master thesis is concluded by an oral presentation.

The candidates have to earn 108 credits with the coursework during the first three semesters, 6 credits with the industrial internship and 30 credits with the master thesis.


During the six-month Master thesis the students will work in a research project with industrial background. Graduates of this programme will be able to apply scientific methods to analyse and to design future multimedia communication systems using state-of-the-art software tools and implementation technologies. The programme will also train the students to work in project teams and to write scientific and technical documents.
Students should have a substantial knowledge in Mathematics, Probability Theory, Digital Signal Processing and they should have fundamental experiences in Computer Programming. It is strongly recommended that applicants have excellent results in particular in Probability and Random Processes, Information Theory and Signal and Systems. The Bachelor degree should be strongly related to Communications Engineering. Within the existing capacity, preference is given to applicants with GRE (by ETS).

Language of Instruction: English

Beginning of Programme: October

Wintersemester 2009/10
25.08. - 04.09.2009,
16.09. - 24.09.2009 und
01.10. - 09.10.2009

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Preisinformation: Studiengebühren 500,- Euro pro Semester Semesterbeitrag 193 Euro

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