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If you would like to learn counselling skills in the comfort of your own home but also to a professional level then our courses are idea. Covering all the topics necessary to ensure you will learn excellent counselling skills

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Students will be eligible to receive a fully accredited qualification for each course taken and will then have the opportunity to work as a professional counsellor

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This course is aimed at those of you whom are now looking to obtain a qualification in counselling and may wish to work in this field.

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All details will be sent to you via email

Voraussetzungen: no prior experience or qualifications are required

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Holistic therapy
Life Coaching
English Language
English Conversation
Coaching Skills
Communication Skills


Our counselling courses are available to all. Taking up counselling requires not only training but an inner calling. There are different ways that you can counsel others but there is only one way to communicate with them and one way to be there for them, and that is if you are ready to give it your all. Once you have discovered that this is what you want to do or perhaps that this is what you need, turn to Luna Holistic for guidance. We have two fantastic courses for individuals looking for guidance or those that are interested in helping others find their way. They go hand in hand as it is highly recommended you take the NLP Certificate Online Course prior to taking the Online Life Coaching Course. An NLP Practitioner is a new field but quickly developing and growing in popularity and is a fantastic introduction to Life Coaching. NLP stands for Nero-Linguistic Programming and consists of three parts, each looking deeper into the subject and guiding you towards being a certified NLP Practitioner. Our Online Life Coaching Course will get you even closer to making a real difference and empowering others to make their dreams come true. Learn what Life Coaching is, how to be a better life coach and really enhance the lives of others, and how to be more effective in helping them achieve their dreams. Currently a very popular career path, Life Coaching is a necessity in today’s modern world where competition and current affairs make motivation and success difficult.


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You will receive all 3 courses including all qualifications for one price for the package or if you prefer courses can be purchased individually 

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